10th February 2018

JUDGE  Darwin Martin


Hillstead Masquarade At thozow JW ShCM





KremenetskiD'Giulietta Di Verona Atelib (IMP RUS)








all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Class 116, Puppy
1 st 212 Kremenetski D’Giulietta Di Verona Atelib Best Puppy in Breed A lovely short pup with a superb silhouette who was presented in good coat, She moved well around the ring for one so young, feminine head with dark eyes, good ear set, scissor bite, large black button nose, nice slope of neck fall into laid back shoulders, good rib to loin ratio, neat front, correct tail set, muscular rear giving drive kept top line on the move.

Class 118, Post Graduate
1 st 216 Thozow Edelweiss Reserve Best in Breed What a nice example of a young WHWT, well presented, clean, and in good coat, feminine head with dark eyes super pigmentation, good ear carriage, scissor bite, black button nose, nice slope of neck falling into laid back shoulders, very neat front, good balance of rib to loin, correct tail, nicely muscled at the rear for her age giving her drive, moved exceptionally around the ring. One to watch as she matures.
2 nd 211 Atelib The General A Very balanced dog with a good head and expression. Straight front, and with a short back he showed well moving with purpose and drive. Perfect tail set. I would have preferred a whiter “cleaner” and sharper presentation.

Class 119, Open
1 st 217 Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow Best in Breed & Group 2 This dog really took my eye, an exceptional WHWT with TOP presentation of his crisp WHITE coat. He is Strong and short very masculine without being course, lovely bone and substance. What a super head and expression, dark eye and good mouth with nice big white teeth. Good front and shoulders, showed and moved with drive, showing off his lovely rear end to perfection. (though his daughter will soon give him a run for his money (Exhibit 216, above)
2 nd 213 Atelib Playing the Star Another well-made WHWT, short muzzle with large teeth making a correct bite, great expression, good reach of neck & well laid back shoulders, deep chest, good angulation & well muscled rear, stands naturally moved around the ring with drive, A little more attention to detail in presentation would benefit this dog.
Darwin Martin,


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