11th February 2017
JUDGE - Mick Oxley



Vandell Sweet Song of samelova ShCM



Mr & Mrs D Burrage

AV  Veteran


It was a real pleasure to judge this class

1  Burrage’s : Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova  -  A wonderful 11 year old Cesky, oozes quality, lovely for size and shape, longish head with slight stop, lovely expression, good ear carriage, good mouth with clean white teeth, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, body in proportion with rise over the loin, moved like a youngster ! Best Veteran.

2  Newport’s : Pacolito Expectations – A 10 year old Parson Russell. Lovely to go over and in amazing condition, moved very well.

3  Williamson’s : Irish Terrier, 13 years old, lovely girl holding her age very well

4  Newport’s : Parson Russell, only a youngster in this class at 7 but looking good.





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