27th November 2021

JUDGE - Miss Ann Bradley


Gold Monarh Elrond for Verumamicus


Miller & Ryan’s
Classic Touch of Morningsky with Feorlig ( Imp Deu) NAF,TAF
all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)  

Skye Terrier
Puppy(3) Two lovely puppies present both 7 mths . 1st Miller & Ryan’s Classic Touch of Morningsky with Feorlig ( Imp Deu) NAF,TAF . Head proportions all correct ,well placed dark oval eye . Has lengthy neck to well laid shoulders close to body, legs well boned, body long and low with level back , in good body condition for one so young . Has good angulation of rear quarters giving ample drive on the move . BP. 2nd Volkova’s Verumamicus Calypso Most pleasing in head and expression ,has ample length of neck to good shoulders . Has good bone ,length of back and is nice and low . Not quite as forward as above but coming along very nicely . Quarters well angulated allowing for good drive going away .

Post Grad (1) 1st Grimshaw’s Kilfinan Gail’s Legacy at Jaqmalison 2 yr male with a balanced head well placed medium sized dark brown eye good bite . Moderate length of neck and body level back ribs well sprung ,sound in movement both ways .

Open (2) 1st Volkova’s Gold Monarh Elrond for Verumamicus . Alone in this class but a pleasing male in good double coat hard and straight nicely presented . Has a powerful head of good length decent ears nicely feathered, has moderate length of neck broad shoulders short well boned forelegs . Body of fair length and is low to ground .Quarters well muscled ,when stacked lost a little in backline but level on the move BOB.
Judge Miss Ann Bradley

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