30th November 2019

JUDGE - Mr E Ryan


Ch Verumamicus Arora Of Brakemill JW
Mrs JA Curtis

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)  

Thank you to the committee of West Midland Terrier to judge Skye Terriers at this very well run show. Thank you to both exhibitors for coming & supporting the classes. Skye people we must get our act together & support these open shows, otherwise we will soon have no classes.

Post Graduate (1, 0)

1st) Sanderson’s Esgia Highland Laddie, silver dog of lovely colour & presented a balanced outline all through. At just two years old he is coming into his best, masculine head with powerful jaws & lovely big teeth. Ears well set and good fringes, loved his expression when he used them. Good length to neck and well laid shoulder, elbows close to chest & good forelegs to boot! Perfect topline at all times, well ribbed back and strong loin. A good mover both ways and carried himself with attitude in profile. Liked him a lot and presented in a lovely jacket of harsh texture. RBOB.

Open (1, 0)

1st) Curtis’ Ch Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill JW, not yet two years this Champion cream bitch presents a balanced outline standing and moving. Lovely head and eye, powerful all through and well fringed ears which added to her lovely expression. Well angulated all through, firm topline, good ribbing & short loin; tail well set & carried correctly. An accurate mover she was presented to perfection & so well handled. BOB.

Mr E Ryan

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