11th February 2017

JUDGE - Mr T Burscough (Kilfinan)

Tweedsmuir Star Wonder Among Tsuki

Miss J & Dr S Downes

Frisco Kiaora At Jeraro (IMP) TAF

Mrs J E Kendrick

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Many thanks to the Society for their invitation and hospitality as this friendly well run show.  My thanks also to the exhibitors for their entries and sporting acceptance of my decisions.

Junior (3)

1. Downes Tweedsmuir Star Wonder Among Tsuki.  17mth old dark silver bitch of very nice type.  Liked the strength and femininity of her head, correct ear set, fringing coming, strong muzzle, correct bite and strong teeth. Good length of neck, well placed shoulders which are well angulated and elbows that fit well into her sides.  Good length of rib, strong loin  and correct tailset.  Body of good length and low to ground.  Shown in good coat and condition. To be critical she can tuck her rear legs under her body at times and this can affect her outline.  Her movement was free with good rear drive.  Best Of Breed

2. Kendricks Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro (imp)  what a delightful young man.  6mth old and showing in a relaxed and settled manner his owner and breeder are to be congratulated on his temperament. A dark silver who looks as if he will lighten with age.  Has a good skull and strong muzzle, correct ear set, fringing is coming  and dark eyes which give him a very appealing, confident expression.  Good reach of neck, shoulders well placed and angulated.  Length of rib is fine, good rear angulation and correct tailset.  A dog who still has a lot of maturing to do but he has a lot of promise.  Best Puppy

3. Huckles Silvaspangles Midas Touch

Post Graduate (1)

1. Haskers Perrylands Toffee.  3yr old cream who is not the easiest to handle but her young handler did the best he could to combat her independent spirit.  She has a good head, strong muzzle, correct bite, nicely set and well fringed ears. She has a reasonable length of neck, well placed and angulated shoulders and tight elbows.  Her length of rib is OK, tailset correct.  Unfortunately on the stand she tends not to make the best of her body length and is inclined to tuck herself up at the loin.  A girl who obviously enjoys her food I felt she would benefit from, like the rest of us after the excesses of Christmas, losing a few pounds 

Open (0)

Tony Burscough, Judge


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