10th February 2018
JUDGE  -   Sharon Ames (Sharnor)

Ch Ornella County Living ShCM
Mr & Mrs Bettis

Oldstable Bucky Barnes
Jones & Bull

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)


Class 90 Puppy

1st 151 Jones & Bull Oldstable Bucky Barnes. 9 Month old male. Good head with real good strong foreface and jaw. Nice eye with well pigmented eye rims. Good ears. Good neck on well laid back shoulders. Good chest. Strong 4 quarters. Moved very well.

2nd 148 Bettis’ Dudwell German Gambler Gandalf by Ornella. 10 Month old male. Good head. Good medium sized ears carried well. Good strong teeth with scissor bite. Strong square jaw. Good length of neck on laid back shoulders. Good topline. Did not move well today.

3rd 149 Jones’ & Bull Oldstable Bruce Banner 4th 152 Parker’s Whitecapisla Tiffintime

Class 91 Junior

1st 152 Parker’s Whitecapisla Tiffintime. 10 Month old bitch. Not presented as well as the others. Head ok with sweat expression. Good jaw and strong teeth. Neck and shoulders ok. Topline straight. Tailset a bit low and carries her tail over to the side. Not sure if she likes the showring.

Class 92 Post Graduate

1st 150 Jones & Bull’s Ornella Idaknow. Nice bitch. Head, ears, eyes, teeth good. Good length of foreface with strong square jaw. Nice length of neck on good shoulders. Straight topline with correct tailset. Well sprung ribs. Well let down chest between forelegs. Good round cat-like feet. Moved well. RBOB

2nd 152 Parker’s Whitecapisla Tiffintime

Class 93 Open

1st 147 Bettis’ Ch Ornella Country Living ShCM. I feel this boy is very true to the breed standard. Super head. Correct ears. Nice dark eyes. Good pigmentation around the eye. Good square jaw with correct bite. Excellent depth of chest. Well sprung ribs. Super angulation both front and back. Moved very well. A worthy champion. BOB

2ND 152 Parker’s Whitecapisla Tiffintime


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