30th November 2019
JUDGE- Mr Mick Oxley

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)


Sawheaten Kiss From A Rose

Mr & Mrs Francis


JaneyJimJams Jubilee Star At Starzak ShCM

Mrs C Tillley



Denzilly Sweet Cariad

Ms & Mr Dowdy



 Many thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this premier Terrier show, I had some lovely dogs to go over, all were presented in super condition and all had good mouths. I thoroughly enjoyed my day sorting them out.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Puppy Dog
1 Hookway & Mason : Denzilly Golden Compass – A lovely 9 month puppy with lots of potential. He is out going and was a bit of a live wire today but I like that in puppies, it can be worked to advantage. Good for size and in proportion, strong head with flat skull, good ear set and good dentition. Straight front, firm topline which he held on the move, plodding slightly in front, good rear drive. BPD

Junior Dog
1 Hookway & Mason : Denzilly Golden Compass

Post Graduate Dog 2 (1)
1 Boast : Kaliclan Long May You Run – Good head shape and stop, well set ears, large black nose, well places shoulders, straight front, good shape and depth of chest, topline strong and level, just needing to tighten up a touch in movement.

Open Dog 2
1 Tilley : Janey Jimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak – A mature dog, strong and plenty of bone and substance, lovely head, eye and mouth, well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, strong topline and well set on tail, liked his rear angulation which gave him the drive when moving, lovely coat and texture and good pigmentation, BD & RBOB
2 Bristow : Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard – Lovely outline and proportions, liked his head and super eye, scores in neck and shoulder placement, good depth of chest and well sprung ribs, moved positively with drive, in good coat and condition.

Puppy Bitch 4 (1)
1 Dowdy : Denzilly Sweet Cariad – Promising young puppy and quite eye catching, her coat is still to come. Good for size and shape, lovely head and ears, good mouth and bite, flowing neck into well laid shoulders, strong topline and short loin, good tail set, her front is a straight as a die, moved really well for a puppy. BPIB & BP
2 Bristow : Saffini Love Of My Life for Avard – Another lovely puppy, well constructed and balanced, very femine, good head and eye, correct mouth and bite, lovely expression, moved well, it was a close decision, she should have a great future.
3 Paton : Denzilly Rasberry Beret

Post Graduate Bitch 2 (1)
1 Shrive : Emalot Sweet Child of Mine – A very nice girl maturing well, good for size, compact body, good feminine head, well covered in with a good soft wavy coat, straight front, good neck and shoulders, firm topline, short loin and well set tail. Moved with drive and purpose.

Open Bitch 2
1 Francis : Sawheaten Kiss From A Rose – A real showgirl on good form, presented in excellent condition, super head, good eye shape and colour, lovely neck, front and shoulders, well sprung ribs with enough depth, firm topline which was held on the move, well set tail and carriage, good rear angulation and plenty of drive. BB & BOB
2 Shrive : Emalot Santa Maria - Another lovely bitch to go over, very well presented, in super coat which was profuse a lovely colour with soft waves. Scores in head, shape and proportions, super movement, she just relaxed her topline a touch when the decisions were being made.

Judge : Mick Oxley


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