10th February 2018
JUDGE  -   Darwin Martin (Gaelgorm)


Kinaelan Jixditti  


Mrs B  R Hanna


 Emalot Child O’ Mine

Mr R & Mrs E Shrive

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)  

Class 98, Puppy
1 st 162 Shrive's Emalot Child O’ Mine Best Puppy in Breed Excellent coat and condition. flat skull, good ear set, strong muzzle correct bite, good bone structure with a muscular neck from good laid back shoulders , excellent deep chest, firm short loin, well-muscled rear end, would have likes a better tail set, though great angulation. moved and performed well.

Class 99, Junior
1 st 157 Hanna's Kinaelan Jixditti Best in Breed Again great coat and condition, he had a strong but balanced head, excellent pigmentation, I would have preferred a slightly better bite, great bone structure ,with a deep chest, slightly out in elbow giving the impression of a worse front than it was, trimming back here would help, level topline & low set hocks moved well

Class 100, Post Graduate
1 st 155 Boast's Kaliclan Long May You Burn Coat not in as good a condition as the previous class winners. Nice balanced head, well filled foreface & strong muzzle, ample bone, good ribs & topline, sound rear, not as good in movement as I would like, slightly close at rear.

Class 101, Open
1 st 163 Tilley's Janey Jimjams Jubilee Star at Starzac. Reserve Best in Breed. Presentation wonderful but, for me, the coat itself wasn’t in top condition. He was a well made boy, deep chest & well boned, good teeth, small ears, nice length of neck into good shoulders. Strong topline. Nicely angulated & moved well.
2 nd 158 Hanna's Kinaelan Finlandia Gilla Coat needed a little more work, though lovely and soft, attractive feminine head, concerns over mouth, she had a nice compact body, level topline held well on the move, tail carried a little low.

Darwin Martin



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