27th November 2021

JUDGE - Mark Ord

Redfern’s Eimahans Leap Of Faith
all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)


Jun (1) : 1 & B.O.B. Redfern’s Eimahans Leap Of Faith balanced in skull & fore face, well set ears & pointed, good dentition, muscular in neck , well rounded in her ribs for young age, nice deep chest, good quarters which she used, tail correctly set on, not yet in full coat but enough evidence of correct double coat.

P. Grad (3-2abs) : 1 Broome’s Evingbriar Scotch Thistle another b with pleasing head proportions & well set strong neck, has a good front but slightly heavier in body than those who took top honours today, well presented double coat, certainly has the big wide buttocks.

Open (4-2abs) : 1 & R.B.O.B. Broome’s Lira Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar, more mature than others today & a bigger bitch all through than 2, won class on steadier productive movement. Correct head & strong jaw, in good body with ribs rounded & carried well back, sound quarters & tail well set & carried : 2 Redfern’s Whistylanarra Whistling Wind Of The Glen, smaller & more compact than 1, not as confident in attitude as 1 today. Liked her head piece, strong neck & has good rear propulsion when moved, not the toppling of 1 today as looked a little tense.


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