12th February 2022
JUDGE  -   Helen Bakewell

Liroda Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar

 Owned By
Miss A Broom

All pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)  

Scottish Terrier

Puppy No Entries

Junior 1

1st Kirk Gellatly WHITWITCH FIRE STARTER Absolutely beautiful, lovely head, nice square jaw, good mouth, nice muzzle length and ear set so alert not missing anything. Super body, front and rear angulation. Moved like a train keeping good top line and head and tail carriage well presented. RBOB

Post Graduate 2 (1Ab)

1st Broome EVINGBRIAR SCOTCH THISTLE lovely outline nice head and eye with expression, good ear set and neck on good lay of shoulders, nice tail set, moved ok once settled in lovely coat.

Open 2

1st Broome LIRODA MIDNIGHT KIS AT EVINGBRIAR Outline superb, super head, muzzle, bite. Good neck and shoulder, nice front, good body and rear, moved very well fore and aft good coat and tail set.

2nd Kirk Gellatly CARISO MISS VELOCITY nice head and eye super neck on good shoulders good front body and rear moved very well fore and aft in nice coat

Skye Terrier

Puppy 4 (1Ab)

1st Miller & Ryan CLASSIC TOUCH OF MORNINGSKY WITH FEORLIG (IMP DEU) NAF TAF Nice head and eye, ear set, good mouth, super strong neck with slight arch sat on good shoulders, nice front and rear, well-muscled, good length, moved well keeping top line and good head carriage. Lovely coat and well presented. RBOB & BP

2nd Volkova VERUMAMICUS CALYPSO Again a lovely head eye, ear set with lovely fringes good length of neck, well placed shoulder and front, well-muscled rear, good angulation, moved well fore and aft, in good coat.


Junior 1 (1Ab)

Post Graduate No Entries

Open 2

1st Volkova GOLD MONARH ELROND FOR VERUMAMICUS (IMP RUS) Lovely head, dark eye, good mouth, strong muzzle, good ear set and fringes good neck shoulder and front. Nice length. Super mover with nice head and tail carriage nice presented coat.

2nd Sanderson ESGIA HIGHLAND LADDIE Nice head, eye, mouth and muzzle. Then we had a loud bang of the steward’s wheel chair tyre going bang. Little unsettled but held it together well, good neck, shoulders, and front, well-muscled rear, moved ok fore and aft.


Judge: Mrs Helen Bakewell



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