24th November 2018
JUDGE - David Cartwright (Borgstaff)

Ch Elitebulls Challenger
Owned by
Mr & Mrs Desmond


Stormfire Sex Symbol

Owned by
Mr BB Colonge

 all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)


24 TH NOVEMBER 2018.

I would like to thank the committee for allowing me the honour of judging this prestigious open show .The welcome on arrival and way committee looked after us all day is admirable. Thank you to both my ring stewards who made my job of judging very easy .The quality of exhibits was very pleasing with top terrier entry thank you exhibitors for allowing me the honour of judging your dogs today. There was only a few dogs with mouth faults but more with weak pasterns and poor feet .There were a few carrying too much weight on show today which was the deciding factor in some of my close decisions. My best of breed also reserve best in show was a dog I had judged as a puppy and gave top honours to that day and in my critique said he would do well ,yes he has done well winning his title at 14 months obtaining highest points for a junior in annual awards and 2nd Top STAFFORD for 2018, but not only has he done well be has matured into a fantastic dog which was on show today. Every judge would like a good dog or bitch to represent their breed and I was quietly confident he would do well later in the challenge which he certainty did. This dog is not even the finished article yet .Exciting times ahead for this young dog if he matures into the dog I think he will be he will be the total package .Reserve best of breed was a bitch I have never seen before, she walked into the ring and took my attention a cracking bitch who possesses great qualities won top honours against some lovely bitches .When they both stood there for best of breed I was really happy to see two cracking examples of our wonderful breed .My best puppy was a dog who has the potential to achieve top honours good luck with him .

Puppy dog-

1sr Stormfire sex symbol,eye catching white dog with patches compact dog with pleasing expression, good reach of neck leading to correct shoulder placement. Good spring of rib and short coupled. Good bend of stifle .Correct mouth with nice under jaw .Good front with good depth of brisket. Moved well both ways keeping level top line. Best puppy in breed .

2nd Tnt Edition Renegade of Arnhem white pied dog with similar qualities as first,nice expression with good eye placement and mouth .Good reach of neck and good front with good depth of brisket .Good bend of stifle with good muscle on first thigh Well let down hooks and tidy feet.Moved with purpose keeping level top line on move

3rd Holmane Moldamite black brindle who needs more practice not the head strength or substance of first 2 but being a puppy all this could change .

Junior Dog-

1st Tillcarr Fire Starter, black /brindle dog who had a lovely strong head with pleasing expression .Good clean front with nice brisket and shoulder placement. Good bite and good under jaw. Short coupled with the nice bend of stifle. Good depth of brisket .Moved ok and kept level top line on move .

2nd Manmark Made to Measure, red with white chest ,nice proportions to head with pleasing expression. Short in back with good tuck up .Light in loin and good tail set. Liked his balance with good length of leg. Good shoulder placement and good pasterns .Moved a bit erratic and needs a bit more training to get best out of him.

3rd Stormfire LeBron James, Red dog with white chest nice head with short neck leading to powerful shoulders. Good front with nice depth of brisket. Strong back end with 1st and 2nd thigh development coming along nicely. Moved with drive and purpose.

Novice Dog.

2nd in junior.

Post Graduate.

1st Dilirystaff All The Rage ,red dog with white strip across head and white front, good expression with good mouth and large teeth. Clean front and good shoulder placement leading to good pasterns. Nice tuck up with level top line standing or on move. Well let down hooks and good bend of stifle. Moved ok .

2nd Tillcarr fire starter

3rd Druidhawk Jimmy The Gent,Black ,brindle with nice head and good shoulder placement leading to good front Nice feet with good leg length. Good spring of rib and short coupled. Nice bend of stifle moved ok .

Open .

1st CH Elitebull Challenger JW , black brindle this dog walked in and demanded my attention oozes quality from nose to tail ,he has got everything you would want in s dog ,beautiful head with good proportions throughout Up on his toes from offset .Great big white teeth and lovely deep under jaw, Good eye placement of eyes of right size and shape. Used his ears to his advantage .Good length of leg but each part just falls to the next nothing exaggerated. Picture of health and fitness .Short coupled with good spring of rib with level top line on move and standing. Powerful rear quarters with 1st and 2nd thigh in abundance. Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Lovely short coat .Moved like a dream with full drive positioning is nice tight feet to propel in forward. Best of breed and Reserve best in show .

2nd Waystaff Strike Force A1, Red dog smaller than winner but lovely compact dog with lovely cheeky expression ,very smart compact dog. Good front and depth of brisket with good shoulder placement. Short coupled and short in back. Nice bend of stifle. Light in loins and good topline keep on move. Reserve best dog .

3rd Hammpstaff Hanky Lanky with Idyllicstaff,Red dog with white front nice head and pleasing expression, good front with powerful shoulders. Short in back and coupled. Powerful dog with muscle on muscle with good spring of rib and light in lions .Powerful rear quarters with 1st and 2nd thigh in view .Good tail placement .Level topline credit to owners as you can see work gone in to keeping him so fit .

Puppy Bitch.

1st Ellchansha Happy Ever After,Black brindle with beautiful expression with good dark eye and good mouth.Head of correct proportions with nice deep stop .Good front with nice length of leg .Short coupled with good bend of stifle. Decent feet with dark black nails..Ample ribs and level topline carried on move .

2nd Annemstaff Maggie May,this B/B this girl has a beautiful head with gorgeous expression. Strong muzzle with good had proportions ,good mouth with good under jaw.Good front when free standing

but tender to look narrow when stood .Good sprong of rib with good overall shape when viewed from side with nice tuck up.Needs more training to get full potential out of her .

3rd Diirystaff Mystic Star ,mahogany brindle. Nice head and expression with good skull to muzzle ratio, good ear placement and good length of neck leading to correct toplone with good tail set no clipping at group.Good bend of stifle and good well let down hocks, moved ok

Junior .

1sr Lonemoor Inion De For Zaagabull ,B/B Loved everything about this little girl very close for top honours only missing out on a little maturity .Beautiful expression with good ear carriage and round dark eye nice skull to muzzle ratio and correct scissor bite. Nice clean front with good length of leg and deep brisket .Good feet no weakness in pasterns.Short in back and good from side view with good angulation to rear quarters .Moved ok .

2nd Druidhawk Polly Toodle,B/B Head of correct proportions with good length to muzzle, Dark eye with correct mouth and decent under jaw,Strong neck leading to correct shoulder placement.Dark black nails.Short coupled with nice spring of rib.Correct bend of stife with correct tail set and pump handled tail moved ok

3rd Stormfire Princess Fire and Ice,Red with white chest Strong head and correct scissor bite with large teeth. Strong square front with deep brisket. Well muscles shoulders with nice tuck up.Level topline when stood and good tail set,rear quarters muscling up well moved away with drive and purpose .


1st Ellchansha Happy Ever After ,1st in puppy

2nd Fairleniums Hawkeye,predominantly white with patches ,not strength in head as winner but pleasing expression, good pigmentation and good under jaw .Well placed shoulders and decent length of leg.level top line with strength to rear quarter.Moved ok .

Post Graduate.

1st illori Bootie love,Black Brindle,For me one of stars today walked in and I thought wow when viewed from any angle .Loved her head shape with deep stop .Strong headed but certainly feminine with good round dark eye,Lovely rose ears adding to make her expression so stunning.Clean lips and good under jaw.Good width to front with good length to Leg and deep brisket and lovely feet .Good body proportions with strong quarters with 1st and 2nd thigh in abundance. Level topline on move and free standing,.Moved with drive and purpose Good tail step with pump handle tail.Best Bitch.

2nd Elitebull Enigma,B/B Classic head piece on this girl with good skull and proportions ,good ear placement and nice thin ears set well .Strong front with deep brisket and nice feet .Well placed shoulders .Short coupled with good bend of stifle with well let down hocks .Good tail set moved well with purpose.

3rd Druidhawk Polly Toodle 2nd in junior


1st Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny JW,B/B won a good class today against some nice bitches.Strong bitch all over starting with classic head piece. Lovely expression with neat ears a and good skull proportions with good length to muzzle ratio.Strong front with deep brisket and well placed

shoulders with length of leg leading good pasterns set on nice feet.Good spring of rib and short coupled,leading to strong rear quarters with 1st and 2nd thigh muscle.

2nd Stormfire Crack Code at Waystaff Jw ,predominantly white bitch slightly smaller frame than winner but another quality exhibit on show from this top kennel,Beautiful expression with lovely round eye and ample cheek muscles ,good strength in muzzle with correct mouth with good under jaw.Good front with well placed shoulders .Good compact body proportions with good spring of rib and short coupled leading to well bent stifle. Moved well both ways.

3rd Manmark Summer Solstice at Druidhawk, another quality bitch B/B lovely expression with dark eye and rose ears,good scissor bite .Clean front with good shoulder placement leading to deep brisket .Good pasterns with no weakness .Good spring of rib and short coupled Nice rear quarters with good angle to stifle. Moved ok both ways .

Thank you all for your entries.

David Cartwright.



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