12th February 2022
JUDGE  -   Gareth Thomas

Hamason A Wish Away

Owned by
Mr H, Mrs MA, Mrs CL and Mr SC Robinson, Robinson-Cox, Cox

Maynestaff Smooth Criminal

Owned by
Mr Mayers

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)


Firstly, my gratitude to the officers and committee for the invite to judge and their hospitality, the ladies in the kitchen were superb so often over looked but vital cogs in an incredibly well oiled machine. Thank you to my two able stewards for both keep the ring running and sharing a chuckle. My Main gratitude is to the exhibitors for spending time and money to allow me to give my opinion and that is exactly what it was; my opinion I’ve no doubt results will swap and change over the coming year and that’s why we love what we do.

With a small amount of exceptions mouths were good, condition however was disappointing, very few fully muscled and fit dogs and far too many carrying weight, structural things you can’t change but fitness is in your control, entries and fuel are expensive give your dogs the best chance! A couple of dogs lost out due to ultra-short muzzles, besides being a health concern in breeding plans it ruins the Stafford expression I hold so dear.


Puppy dog

1st Maynestaff Smooth Criminal

A Black/brindle lad who is very much a baby but with some very exciting raw ingredients. Lovely head ratio with a cracking length of muzzle and clean lip. Front developing nicely for age and enough Rib and bone to present a balanced picture, nice tight feet. Movement is a little loose but that should come with maturity. Won a very close BPIB by virtue of his expression. One to watch good luck for the future.


2nd Dilirystaff King Creole

7-Month-old red boy with lots of maturing to do but with lots of time, clean lips and nice length of muzzle, head just needs to mature, tidy ears. Straight front with feet slightly turned out as required although would like feet a little tighter. Nice picture when viewed in profile. I think this lad may be a slow maturer and will hope to see the finished article.


Junior Dog

1st Casails Like a Hurricane

The only dog that made me hungry on the day having managed to find chip fat to roll in on the way. The brindle lad stood alone in this class. Top Size brindle with plenty of bone, Strong head with nice length of muzzle and neat ears.  Straight well boned front with tight well-padded feet, longer cast but carrying it with decent balance. Good bend of stifle and once settled on the move he moved well. Would like to see him a little more animated to get his expression. He’ll need to be fitter for higher classes.

Novice Dog  


1st Niesenbull Fuggle

A Black brindle who I liked a lot.  Well proportioned head with clean lips and dark eyes, short coupled with a good topline, a real picture when viewed in profile. Powerful well-muscled rear quarters with good bend of stifle and a well carried tail. Sadly despite a few attempts his movement was little erratic and that prevented him fully challenging in the line up. Lots to like about him though.


2nd (1st in Junior)

A brief mention to my third who just didn’t want to play ball to be assessed today, we’ve all been there. Keep going.


Post Graduate Dog

1st Hamason Suspended By Stars at Sharmara

Another Lovely brindle a colour. Smart well-balanced boy with neat ears, round eye and a nice length of muzzle, if I’m being fussy, I’d like the see cheeks more developed at this stage. Short coupled with a decent topline, giving a nice profile view enhanced massively by being one of the truly fit dogs here today. Movement from every angle was sound and tail carriage was low. Handled to get the best from him and he was certainly in my thoughts in the BD line up.


2nd Magicgem Invictus

Another smaller frame dog but really well put together red with a black mask, clean head showing no exaggeration or excess. Short coupled with a good topline held well on the move. Just preferred the expression and fitness of winner.


Open Dog


1st CH Lonemoor Polara

What can I say that hasn’t been said? Quality black brindle dog with strong well-proportioned head with correct stop, dark round eyes and neat ears, well boned and wide front with tight well-padded feet and short dark nails. Short coupled with a perfect topline stood and on the move well carried tail and powerful well-muscled rear, driving super movement. A worthy Champion thank you for bringing him, just pipped by a lovely bitch for BOB as he seemed unsettled and uneasy when he came back to challenge. Best Dog, RBOB and BOS


2nd Chelmbull Black Jack

A young black brindle and white dog who I found out later was at his first show. Right up my street thought he had the best head of the day and the rest was pretty special too. Stood four square beautifully and carried his topline well. Well sprung ribs and short coupled with correct rear angulation and tail carriage. Liked him a lot lost out to a worthy champion on condition and alertness, a few more shows and bit of confidence and he’ll take some beating.


Puppy Bitch

Nice Class this one, plenty of quality.

1st Niatona Pandora’s Box to Elitebull

Stunning Red and White bitch. What a Picture! Beautiful head with tidy ears she used to her advantage. Lovely length of muzzle and round eyes all came together to create a typical Stafford expression. Wide well boned front. Well sprung ribs, short coupled and was plenty fit enough for her age. I wrote and underlined SMART in my book and that just about does it! Lost out on BPB on Maturity but she’ll do plenty of winning at all levels. Best of Luck!


2nd Bullbrothers Misst Midnight

B/B/W smart bitch puppy with a nice balance about her. Head ratio correct but personal preference meant I preferred the length of muzzle of 1st. Good front with good amount of lift, tight well-padded feet and good length of body. Needs to gain confidence which I’m sure will come and will enhance the picture. Smart pup should do well.


Junior Bitch

1st Jackabyte Nemesis

A B/B bitch of just under 12 months. I’ve seen this bitch from ringside and didn’t expect to like her as much as I did she’s a better bitch hands-on than I’d given her credit for. Clean in lip with decent length of muzzle dark eye with neat ears. Well laid shoulders with good spring of rib for her age. Nice rear angulation and tail set. Moved nicely. My BPB and just missed out on BPIB to the dog on alert expression at the crucial moment. One I think will go far.


Stapphire Yelia Cover Girl of Changmire

R/W Bitch of nice quality, my notes say front to die for and that it was, good forechest with nice width and depth of brisket. Head proportions correct with good length of muzzle and dark eyes. Ample spring of rib and well-muscled rear for her age. Liked her!



1st as Puppy

2nd Days of Stafford Turns Me On at Bullbrothers

Red bitch with nice head ratio but would have liked more developed cheek muscles. Good well boned front with enough width. Enough rib and decent length to her.  Lost out to 1st on expression.


Post Graduate Bitch

1st Homafar Jomanda

B/B/W bitch who I liked a lot, had what I look for in head to muzzle ratio. Nice straight front with good width. Longer cast than 2nd but well balanced and carrying a level topline. Rear angulation correct with good tail set. This bitch didn’t take her eyes off me all the time and dared me not to pick her. She needs to be fitter and it almost cost her place here but her quality seen her through.

2nd Magicgem Queen Of Hearts at Rougestaff

Red bitch, very clean head with lovely expression, dark eyes and clean lips. Correct size and set of ears, good width to front and level topline, short coupled and superbly muscled rear quarters. Preferred the look at me attitude and showiness of 1st.


Open Bitch

Cracking class with some proper quality.

1ST Hamason A Wish Away

Didn’t expect to like this bitch as much as I did. What a balanced and well put together bitch. Lovely head ratio with clean lip and dark round eye and neat ears. Spot on front with cracking forechest and plenty of bone with nicely padded and turned out feet. Level topline held well on the move. Well-muscled and angled rear quarters with correct tail carriage. I loved her attitude and she showed herself to the max. This bitch is easy to under appreciate but in my opinion she ticks every box. Her movement is sound, although was even better in the group when moved a bit quicker.


2nd Eclypstaff Strange Magic for Casails

Super smart bitch who’s another who’s better than I’d thought from ringside. Nice clean head with dark eye and well-developed cheek muscles. Good front with good width, well laid shoulders with good spring of rid. Well angulated rear with good tail carriage. 2nd in a strong class just preferred fitness and alert expression of 1st.







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