15th February 2020
JUDGE  -   Kelly Wilson

Chalexstaff The Heathen
Owned by
Mr & Mrs Hillman

Hamason To Be Frank At Karjaydan

Owned by
Mr & Mrs Lewis

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Kelly Wilson Judge Staffordshire Bull Terriers - West Midland terrier society
Open show
Saturday 15th February 2020
Firstly I would like to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to judge their show, secondly all the exhibitors who entered their dogs under me I really appreciate it , I found no major problems with mouths or bites so it won’t be mentioned in my critique.
Puppy dog (2)
1st Mr and Mrs Lewis, Hamastaff to Be Frank at Karjaydan
Stunning red dog with white chest black mask of 10 months,good dark round eye , short neck leading to good top line, wide front, well sprung ribs and muscled backend. Made his handler work on the day as seemed distracted by something or someone, but moved well when settled. BPD , BPIB and puppy group 4.
2nd Mr D Corfield, Dark Mysterious Protector At Bostinstaffs. Black brindle dog of 9 months, not as mature as first but sure this will come. Nice head, dark eyes , neat ears, good front, level top line. Moved ok once settled.
Junior dog (9) 4 abs
1st Mr & Mrs Darby,Nikkylestaff Heart Of Gold At Claretbull
Beautiful black brindle dog, beautiful keen expression on this dog which kept drawing my eye back to him in this class. Perfectly round dark eyes, housed in a broad skull with distinct stop, leading to a short neck good width of front. Up on the Pasterns, close coupled with a level top line, moved really well. This boy pushed for best of breed but only lost out on maturity.
2nd Hamilton & Murphy, Magicgem Daredevil for Shawrigg
Red pied dog, more up on the leg than number one , correct pigment having dark eyes, black nose. Good front , shoulders well laid back, with well sprung ribs, he was muscular and defined with good bend of stifles. Moved well once settled.
Novice dog (3) 2 abs
1st Hammond, Joemikeste Eye Of The Storm morning over Hammystaff. Stood alone run his class, this red and white pied dog didn’t disappoint, he was up on the leg and in fantastic condition, dark eyes dark nose and correct bite, good front nice shoulder placement good spring of rib leading to a good top line moved well.
Post graduate dog (7)
1st Hillman, Chalexstaff The Heathen
Seen this dog from outside the ring many a time and thought he looked nice but was better than i anticipated when i touched him. Have wrote in my notes this dog ticks every box for me. Well balanced black brindle and white dog with a powerful head , very pronounced cheek bumps, distinct stop, dark eyes, correct bite, nice underjaw lovely expression which he used to his advantage. Nice width to his front and good bone. Tight feet, level top line which he kept whilst on the move, well sprung ribs, well muscled back end, moved well and drove from the hind legs. Worked well with his handler keeping alert all throughout the class. Handled well. Went on to be BD , BOB and terrier group 3.
2nd Taylor & Annakin, Holmane Cavansite
Another stunning black brindle dog with white chest. Which has had a 3 month break for the owners to work on his food and fitness and all I can say is well done. He has a lovely head, correct ears and eyes, correct front, level top line , good strong backend, is a very nice well balanced dog in great condition. Moved well. Handled really well.
Open dog (6) 2 abs
1st J&K Lewis, Ch Biggleswick Splash of Ginge A
very worthy champion. This red dog with white chest and white toes having black mask, the darkest of eyes, beautiful broad skull, distinct stop good length of muzzle , string under jaw, close coupled with level top line, and very well defined muscles to his shoulders and rear quarters. He was turned immaculately and is a credit to his owners .
2nd Desmond, Ch Elitebull Challenger
A very worthy champion this black brindle dog with stunning head piece dark eyes nice ears correct front , moved well but I felt that last time I judged him there was more of him and after speaking with his owner who said that she’d had a bitch I season which explianed a lot as we all know how much this can effect our stud dogs. Unlucky to meet 1st place today.
Puppy Bitch (5) 1 abs
1st Winrow & Yakupova, Attitude jingle jangle at Jayneze imp Russia. This black brindle bitch was the bitch that I demands you to look at her, all throughout the class she used her beautiful expression and her handler had her alert at all times. She is up on the leg with a stunning head piece dark eyes neat ears and good length of muzzle nice front with well placed shoulders leading to a spring of rib and muscles hind quarters. She eventually settled so I could access her correct movement. Handled very well. BPB
2nd Taylor & Annakin, Rhoglass just looking
Another pretty little black brindle bitch. Not as much leg as 1st but still well balanced good head nice dark eye neat ears deep chest leading to good took up and nice rear end. Moved ok eventually but not as good as 1st
Junior (8) 1 abs
1st Hammond, Hammystaff slap n tickle
This red bitch with white chest feet and black mask having very feminine head correct length of muzzle dark eyes , well defined shoulders with correct front leading to a good spring of rib good tuck up and well defined muscular rear end. I’ve wrote in my notes movement and my can she move. This bitch is parallel from behind and get top line is outstanding. Best mover of the day. BB BOS.
2nd Mortimer, Chiswelstaff Black Opal
Gleaming black brindle bitch with feminine head good ears dark eyes nice square front with slightly turned out feet good depth of chest, spring of rib leading to took up and firm rear quarters with great bend of stifle, moved well but not as good as 1st. In great condition.
Novice (2) 1 abs
1st Merrick
Magicgem Mystique with Hammystaff
This pretty red bitch with black mask and white chest stood alone in the class. She has a feminine head darkest of eyes good shoulder placement correct front sting of rib leading to developed hind quarters with good bend of stifles she moved ok when settled.
Post Graduate (7) 3 abs
1st Bussell and candy, Annemstaffs Maggie May
Underlined in my notes beautiful bitch. This black brindle bitch has come on leaps since seeing her last. She has a strong head with great width distinct stop and great cheek bumps strong underjaw but remaining clean in the head darkest of eyes and neat ears which she used throughout the clsss. Well placed shoulder, correct front and good bone good depth of chest nice spring of ribs leading to a well muscled rear end good bend of stifles moved well.
2nd Jones, Lil Miss Velvet at Kamaristaff. Blue brindle bitch with white chest having good width of head dark eyes and neat ears defined shoulder muscles clean front good spring of ribs defined backend moved ok. Having an expression to die for, this little bitch kept eye contact with me and was giving me such a smile, I couldn’t deny her 2nd place
Open bitch (7) 3 abs
1st Desmond, Elite bull Destiny.Beautiful expression on this black brindle bitch and her handler really knows how to get the best from her. Very feminine head piece darkest of eyes and neat ears nice shoulder placement and good front leading to a good spring of rib and correct rear quarters moved once settled.
2nd Ferguson, Gusonstaffs Black Widow. Another quality black brindle bitch who excellently handled. Having shown this bitch myself know she is quality. Beautiful feminine head correct muzzle darkest of eyes well muscular shoulder having good width of front and good bone. Deep chest with great spring of rib level top line leading to a hard rear end moved well. Unlucky to meet 1st place today and was shown in fantastic condition which is a credit to the work of her handler considering she’s not long since had pups.


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