10th February 2018
JUDGE  -   Ian Houghton (Belterstaff)

Kings & Queens Over The Moon (Imp SWE)

Owned by
McDermott & Bernhardsson

Magicgem Mystique With Hammystaff

Owned by
Merrick & Hammond

Reserve Best Of Breed

Owned By
Rogers and Slack
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Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Number of Classes 10

 Entry 40/46

Judge Mr Ian Houghton – Belterstaff

I would like to take this opportunity to thank The West Midland Terrier Society for inviting me to judge today it was both an honour and privilege for me to get another chance to judge Staffordshire Bull Terriers at such a high prestige show. I would also like to thank my ring steward John who keep the show running smooth for me I am especially grateful to the exhibitors not just for there support but on the day the spirit of good sportsmanship it was brilliant. Today as a judge I had to gather all my knowledge I have collected over the last eighteen years about the breed and use it for my assessment to find the best Staffordshire Bull Terriers on the day and the one’s I think will progress at future shows and also better the breed, Also today my focus was to judge to the Breed Standard and have a mind set of honesty is the best policy! My assessment today I found the majority the Staffordshire Bull Terriers put in front of me were of sound quality There was only 2 serious faults, I would also like to say there was Three Staffordshire Bull Terriers in my opinion grade one exhibits and should not be competing at open show level because they each have a high spec of quality and meet the criteria of the Breed Standard, they should be competing at Championship level but that’s just my opinion.

Class 102 Puppy Dog Entries 1 Abs (0) 204 MAGICGEM COLOSSUS AT REMSTAFF Red with white chest 6 months old out of balance at the moment but a lot more to come from this young dog has the potential, head developing well correct scissor bite good under jaw dark round eye would like ears forward to enhance his look, liked the clean front plenty of bone on the forequarters pasterns and feet still to strengthen with exercise, body is good, hindquarters sound, moved ok and carried his tail correct

Class 103 Junior Dog Entries 1 Abs (0) 220 BERRYSTOCK HAWKER TEMPEST Black Brindle born with ring presence, Hawker Tempest his headpiece is a cracker 2.1 ratio! Strong balanced with neat ears, dark eyes set perfectly into the head looking straight at me, power in the muzzle with correct bite, forequarters good strong pasterns and well padded feet, powerful short neck, the body is the engine of a Stafford this dog has it and plenty of it, coat in nice nick good gleam on it, short hocks good bend of stifle all good with the hindquarters sound mover with head level on the move it was a pleasure going over the dog he was my reserve best of breed and Best opposite sex well deserved

Class 103 Novice Dog Entries 1 Abs (0) 198 BOUNCING BLUE Top size dog with lots of virtues I liked powerful head piece dark eye round, well up on the leg but has excellent bone and well padded feet plenty of rib coat condition needs attention, movement ok

Class 105 Post Graduate Dog Entries 7 Abs (2) 201 HAMMYSTAFF HANKY PANKY WITH IDYLLICSTAFF JW Red with Black mask A lot of credit must go to the owner of Hanky Panky I was super impressed with the condition of the dog and presentation I admire people who put the work into there dogs he stood four square on the stack Tidy head for a red with black mask correct scissor bite, balanced front with brisket pasterns good slight turn, Looking down on the body and hindquarters was really impressed he was hard to touch skin tight as a drum, on the move with more speed was better, nice class to win well done 175 ROWELLSTAFF OHH AAR CANTONA 2nd Cantona a sharp looking Red with black mask neat rose ears dark round eye with black rims, has good check muscles and good stop and good muzzle which all enhances his expression for a good head, stacked up and presented to a high standard by the handler. Correct bite clean teeth, condition of the dog was very good and views from all angle he was balanced

Class 107 Open Dog Entries 4 Abs (3) 195 HAPPY DAZE Black Brindle I liked the over all balance of the dog short compact and powerful head muzzle length good plenty of check muscle and under jaw so good power in the jaws lips clean correct bite, front quarters sound, neck and body short good rib hindquarters ok moved ok, handler done a good job

Class 107 Puppy Bitch Entries 7 Abs (4) 192 MAGICGEM MYSTIQUE WITH HAMMYSTAFF Red Nice class to win today this young lady is very confident in the ring for a first timer only 6 months old, very well balanced from head to toe, clean head, neat ears, correct bite, good length on the muzzle, clean as whistle of the front tight feet with black nails, nice length of rib, moved with confidence up and down the Matt she was my best puppy in Breed today and smashed the puppy group with a G2 well deserved 177 MAGICGEM THE PHOENIX FOR SHAWRIGG 2nd Red with white chest flashy youngster 6 months old clean lines all round, tidy head piece black mask round eye dark, correct bite, vertically and horizontally correct front, nice length of neck, very good top line tail set spot on, moved very good, handler and The Phoenix both worked as a team should have a good future

Class 108 Junior Bitch Entries 5 Abs (1) 200 BERRYSTOCKS MISS SPITFIRE Black Brindle Miss Spitfire she was all guns blazing today another Top class exhibit on show! She stood four square and she delivered, she demands attention at all times never took her eyes of me another exhibit today that had bags of ring presence, wicked headpiece feminine but strong well balanced in all departments neat ears and dark stormy eyes set into the head with killer expression, correct bite, plenty of brisket and fore chest clean off the shoulder well boned, forequarters equal, on her the toes with tidy feet, Miss Spitfire profile in body its short compact what an engine room she has and her rib is on a different level, powerful hindquarters sound mover, won her class with ease today 178 HAMMYSTAFF SCARLET WITCH 2nd A very good Red bitch that I appreciated the more I looked the overall balance and height was pleasing to my eye but different style to one, she was well presented and in good order feminine head dark eye, correct bite nice under jaw, forequarters and hindquarters sound she stood square on the stack, moved with reach and drive and carried a good top line on the move.

Class 202 Novice Bitch Entries 4 Abs (2) 202 TEGUMEN WHITE KNUCKLES I really did like White Knuckles well balanced bitch and clean outline all over very athletic bitch up on the leg but again she was balanced and pleasing to the eye, feminine head not over done nice eye would like to have seen the black rims to enhance the look correct bite her body and fitness was spot on and moved sound, on the stack toes should not be turned inn as it pushes the elbows out and doesn’t show good feet but handler let me adjust the bitch and which ticked more boxes and looked even more pleasing to the eye really liked her profile well done. 181 LI’L MISS VELVET AT KAMARISTAFF Blue, Pock rocket and very well pleasant bitch to go over strong headed, good stop nice ears correct bite, soft coat handler and bitch worked as a team moved ok

Class 110 Post Graduate Bitch Entries 10 Abs (5) 191 Kings and Queens Over The Moon (IMP SWE) Black Brindle, What can I say iv only judged a few times and I was told Ian you might find something special well today I was blessed by the gods, Beautiful which means an ideal of physical beauty! The visual picture I had in my mind of the Breed Standard, very pleasing to my eye, Headpiece absolutely stunning liked the style strong clean but feminine, eyes set to look straight ahead perfect bite good under jaw, strong neck, forequarters clean of the shoulder and nice bone with strong pasterns super feet, plenty of fore chest and spring of rib nice tuck up at the loin, Coat was gleaming, correct tail set hindquarters good, well bent stifle short hock, on the move she had drive and reach held her top line and kept her head forward, it was a pleasure to meet her today and award Kings and Queens Over the Moon my Best Bitch and my Best of Breed ! I was over the moon 2nd180 JACKABYTE MISS MONEY PENNY

Class 110 Open Bitch Entries 6 Abs (3) 180 JACKABYTE MISS MONEY PENNY The old saying is a penny for your thoughts Miss Money penny was the busiest exhibit competing in three classes, Black Brindle bitch bang on for height and excellent condition, Punishing head and expression, correct bite, short neck excellent body compact, good feet, moved sound exhibitor worked hard today. 193 SEABULL TEMPTRESS OF FIRE FOR MAGICGEM 2nd Red and White a well made bitch if you stacked this bitch 100 times she would still stand square, nice head with correct bite, viewed from all angles nicely balanced, excellent bone, good brisket nice rib and tidy hindquarter’s moved with drive.


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