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West Midland Terrier Open Show. 12 th February 2017
Puppy dog 1 st . Beckash Up N Atem.... stood alone but My goodness how this boy has come on since I last judged him. I would take him home in a heartbeat. He doesnt dissapoint in any way, A beautiful boy fitting the breed standard in every way. Everything correct in every way. Well balanced, stands four square Moves and handles like a dream. I had absolutely no trouble awarding him 1 st pupp 1 st junior 1 st novice. Best puppy dog and Best in breed. I would love to see him gain his title in yrs to come...

Junior dog 1 st Beckash Up N Atem 2 nd Manark Guns N Roses A typical b/b stafford of good size and proportion, good head with lovely rose ears and and a lovely round dark. Correctg bite and clean lipped. a good body with ample rib. stands four square and moves well with a level topline. Novice dog 1 st Beckash Up N Atem 2 nd Royal Red Thunder....Nice red boy, Lovely strong head with well placed ears and lovely dark eyes, good wide front and deep brisket and good spring of rib, level topline, moved and handled well.

Post Graduate dog 1 st Bull Brothers Doctor Who...Lovely b/b Standard stafford fitting the breed standard well. Stands four square with pride. He has a great head shape with lovely thin rose ears and the darkest of eyes. he has a good strong scissor bite, a good reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders a nice stright front and plenty of rib. He is well muscled all over and moves with drive holding a level topline. 2 nd Biggleswick Splash of with white chest standard boy of good proportion and stands four square. lovely head with pronounced cheek muscles and a short muzzle. He has a good scissor bite, dark eyes and small rose ears. A short neck, wide front and good depth to his chest. level topline. Moved and handled well.

Open Dog 1 st Tegumen Shadow of a Saint......A very smart stafford, He has a clean head with neat ears and well placed dark eyes, he has a good strong bite. Wide front with good depth to his chest. good spring of rib and a well angulated back end. he held his topline on the move but tended to hunch up when stacked. moved and handled well. 2 nd Manark Fast N Furious.....Strong brindle boy, very masculine head with well placed ears, dark eye correct bite. wide front, short coupled, good spring of rib and bend of stifle. moved and handled well


Pupp Bitch 1 st Beckash Black Ice.... I judged this baby back in November and still love her but i dont think she has come on as much as her litter brother. She is such a pretty girl, i would like to see a little more height on her but i am sure that will come with age. Everything is still correct with her and there is nothing to dislike about her, still very much a baby. i look forward to seeing her mature over the next few months. Junior Bitch 1 st Chiswestaff Jean Genie..... shown in gleaming condition a lovely b/b/w girl, afiner than 1 but still a very pretty girl. lovely dark eyes and well placed ears. straight fron and enough rib. good bend of stifle. moved with level topline and handled well.

Novice bitch 1 st Beckash Black Ice 2 nd Carandstaff Jean Genie....lovely b/b/w girl shown in beaurtiful condition, her coat gleamed. a good head with well placed ears and loveldark eyes, correct bite, straight front, enough rib correct tail set and good bend of stifle. Moved and handled well.

Post Graduate bitch 1 st Leebees Luxurious of Magicgem...... Not at all my type of girl but i just couldnt take my eyes off her. her young handler showed her off to her very best. she screamed look at me.. A finer girl than i would normally go for but everything in its place. Well proportioned and well balanced girl with such a pretty feminine face. well placed ears darckest of eyes. correct bite. good reach of neck, straight front ample rib. good bend of stifle.. she held a level topline both on the move and stacked. I had no problem awarding her Best bitch and res. Best in breed. 2 nd Jeformor Winter Solstice for Druidhawk jw......Another lovely b/b girl with lots to like abourt her. Everything correct with her, nothing overdone just today i couldnt take my eyes of 1 st place..

Open bitch 1 st Manark Sophie’s Legacy......standard b/b girl of good proportions. good head with nice ears and dark eye. nice front good rib, good bend of stifle, level top line moved and handled well



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