30th November 2019
Judge Gill Thomas


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Cudweed's Master Of The Hounds(IMP DNK)
Owned by
Mr and Mrs Newport

Partrigdale Bluebell

Owned by
Mr D Hobson


P.4/1.1st.HOBSON. PARTRIDGDALE BLUEBELL (B) A tidy promising puppy, nice head shape, good stop, canines coming through well positioned, good ear set on nice flat skull, good strength of muzzle, straight front with tidy feet, easily spanned, good coat, body developing nicely, strong rear, a good moving youngster BPOB 2nd.BIGLAND. MINDLEN MICMAC AT HEYTHROP (B) Finer build than first but plenty of potential, wedge shaped head, dark eye, mouth good, level topline good coat, a very sound moving pup.rd. HOBSON. PARTRIDGDALE LITTLE ROCK (D)
J.1/0.1st.NEWPORT. CUDWEED’S MASTER OF THE HOUNDS (IMP DNK) (D) Confident smart young dog with just enough covering and a lovely coat, balanced throughout with a nicely proportioned headpiece, slight stop, good muzzle and strong under jaw large teeth, straight front with tidy feet, nice flow of neck through withers to a strong loin good rump and well bent stifles, nicely carried tail, moved fluidly. I have just heard he has now got the final points for his Junior Warrant today. Well done. BOB
PG.3/0.1st. NEWPORT. CUDWEED’S MASTEROF THE HOUNDS (IMP DNK) (D) 2nd.BIGLAND, HEYTHROP TANGLE (B) Tidy bitch with clean lines, nice wedge shaped head good mouth, dark eye correct muzzle to skull ratio, good front easily spanned, nice and fit.3rd. SMITH. LOGIERAIT LISLA (B)
O.6/3.1st. BIGLAND. HEYTHROP TAGGERT (D) A lovely smooth coated dog full of terrier confidence a tad long for his height but true to type, a pleasing expression and nice wedge shaped skull flat with a keen eye and well set ears, clean bite, good front


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