12th February 2022
JUDGE  -   Lee Ratcliffe


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Digaden Spill the Beans
Owned by
Mr & Mrs S Newport

Heythrop Taranna
Mr & Mrs R and L Bigland



WMTS 12/2/22

I would like to thank the West Midland Terrier Society for inviting me to judge the Parson Russell terriers at their premier open show. I would also like to thank all the exhibitors that entered under me it was a privilege to Judge your dogs.

1st HEYTHROP TARANNA . A very eye catching Tri coloured 6 month old Bitch. Lovely feminine head with correct ear set. Lovely dark eyes, Good bite Well angulated front & rear with good top line. Moved very well for her age, has a good future ahead of her. I was happy to give her best puppy and reserve best of breed.
2nd DIGADEN TOP FORM A well balanced 10 month old Tri Dog with nice dark eyes, easily spanned. Good front and top line with good rear angulation. Moved well once settled.

1st GONETOGROUND HIGH’N MIGHTY. 15 month old tan and white Bitch. She was a little unsettled on the table but soon relaxed. Lovely feminine head with nice dark eyes. Good neck going in to well laid shoulder with good top line. Well angulated front and rear. Easily spanned moved well.
2nd RUFFNTUFF RUSH OF LOVE. A 15 month old Bitch. Was unsettled on the table to start with but once settled stood well giving her a nice top line and good rear angulation. Nice dark eyes, easily spanned moved okay once settled.

1st DIGADEN SPILL THE BEANS Two year old Tan & White Bitch with tan spot at the base of the tail. Feminine head with good bite neat Ear set, dark eyes with keen expression. Good neck flowing into a good top line with good tail set. Good front and rear angulation with muscular rear quarters. moved with drive . A pleasure to give her Best of breed. I was pleased to see her in the shortcut for Best in show.

2nd HEYTHROP TANGLETOP 2 1/2 year old Bitch. lovely head and expression with eye-catching markings. Easily spanned with a good top line, well angulated front and rear. moved well.

1st MINDLEN MICMAC AT HEYTHROP Well presented 3 year old bitch. With A beautiful head with nice Keen eyes and lovely Expression. Good teeth with a Good bite. Well balanced with good angulation front and rear. spanned with ease. Good coat and moved very well.
2nd CH HEYTHROP TAGGERT 5 1/2 year old smooth coated male with a well Balanced muscular body. Good strong neck flowing into Well placed shoulders with good Angulation, spanned with ease. Unfortunately would not settle on the move.

Judge Lee Ratcliffe

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