10th February 2018
JUDGE  -   Sharon Ames(Sharnor)


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Digaden Runner Bean
Owned by
Mr & Mrs S Newport

Pacolita Phinal Edition
Dayman & Cole


Class 82 Puppy

1st 134 Dayman & Cole’s Pacolito Phinal Edition. 11 Month old white and tan bitch. Super head. Very nicely placed ears. Dark pigmentation. Good mouth. Good length of neck flowing to sloping shoulders. Length of body good. Angulation good both front and back. I think she will mature into a very nice PRT.

2nd 139 Hooley’s Hoolmark Johnny Guitar. 12 month old dog. Lovely head. Super expression. Good neck and shoulders. Good length of back. In excellent coat. A big gangly at the moment. Would have preferred a little more angulation.

Class 83 Junior

1st 142 Newport’s Digaden Runner Bean. 17 month olds. Super bitch. Fabulous head. Lovely expression. Correctly placed ears. Strong jaw and teeth. Clean, muscular neck of good length. Well laid back shoulders. Extremely good front angulation. Strong bone. Feet small and compact. Very good rear angulation. Good topline. Moved extremely well. BOB. Disappointed they left and she did not challenge for BIS.

2nd 135 Foster & Fuller’s Hoolmark Paleface. A black and white, rough coated dog. Good head. Nice expression. Correct ears. Good bite. Correct neck, shoulders and body. Very nice coat. Moved very well. Carried his tail over to one side.

Class 84 Post Graduate

1st 142 Newport’s Digaden Runner Bean.

2nd 136 Hobson’s Alncroft Isle See. Tan & white broken coated bitch. Sweet expression. Well placed ears. Good neck. Well laid back shoulders. I would have preferred a slightly longer upper arm. Good topline. Rear movement a bit close.

Class 85 Open

1st 137 Hooley’s Ch Hoolmark Boppin Robyn JW. Lovely little tri colour bitch. 6 years old. In super coat. Good head and ears. Good neck on laid back shoulders. Upper arm of good length. Good back angulation. Moved very well. RBOB.


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