11th February 2017

JUDGE - J N Armstrong


Norwich Terrier Junior

1st –Ragus Way Too Smart for Javidel. Beautiful head and expression. Correct bite. Solid body with level topline and well made hindquarters. Coat could have been in better condition. Lovely on the move. RBOB

2nd – Ragus Burning Question. Pretty bitch of 6 months, whose head needs to mature. Correct bite. Body needs to mature throughout. Beautiful when standing and on the move. Coat in fantastic condition.

Norwich Terrier Post Graduate

1st – Javidel Walk Hand in Hand. Such a handsome man with lovely head of correct proportion. His front still needs to develop, but for 8 months is in solid body. Good hindquarters, well boned. Coat of excellent condition. Beautiful on the move. One to watch. BP

Norwich Terrier Open

1st – Ragus All Guns Firing for Amicaro. Mature boy, head of good size, nice length of neck. Good Front, however could have a deeper chest. Correct bite. Well made hindquarters. Lovely jacket. Moved well once settled. BOB

2nd – CH Ragus Takes the Biscuit. 6 year old bitch, with a solid body and well made front and back. Carrying a little to much weight, which slightly effective her movement. Feminine head with a lovely expression.

Jordan-Nicole Armstrong (Elantiz)


Ragus All Guns Firing For Amicaro

Mrs P Kell

Javidel Walk Hand In Hand

Mrs D Batey
All pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)





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