15th February 2020
JUDGE  -   Laura Sharpe




Oxley’s CH Digelsa Double Top JW



Plant’s Plantocracy Bold Bruce



all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

 Puppy (3 entries)
1 Plant’s Plantocracy Bold Bruce
10 months of age with dark, eyes and well set ears giving a keen expression. Good arch of neck and nicely marked with a rich tan. Moved well with good reach and drive. Well made with good rear angulation. Expect him to gain more muscle with age. Looking forward to seeing him mature. BP & RBOB
2 O’Boyle’s Plantocracy Hermione At Ruffagga
Litter sister to first. Well placed ears that just need to settle. Wedge shaped head with kind, feminine expression. Good angulation. Unsettled on the table today and less confident on the move compared to 1.
3 O’Boyle’s Kenyten Upsy Daisy

Junior (0 entries)

Post Graduate (1 entry)
1 O’Boyle’s Ruffagga For Annoria
Dark Almond shaped eyes and powerful jaw. Slight rise of loin, good front and nice bend of stifle. Well marked with defined thumb prints and pencilling.

Open (7 entries, 2 absent)
1 Oxley’s CH Digelsa Double Top JW
Substantial dog oozing with confidence. Quality wedge shaped head with dark, almond-shaped, expressive eyes. V-shaped ears carried well. Firm textured coat mahogany tan markings that are clearly defined. Well sprung ribs and correct bend of the stifle. Moved straight and purposefully, balanced all round with good reach and drive. BOB
2 Greenslade’s CH Utterbygreen Mint Chocolat ShCM
Small feminine wedge shaped head with correctly placed ears. Keen, alert expression. Compact balanced shape with a good cut up behind her ribs. Well-built all round. Good muscle, held her topline on the move and ideal tail carriage. Preferred markings of 1.
3 Church’s Rattustrap Fade to Black (AI)
4 Boot’s Harliboo Word Gets Around
5 O’Boyle’s Paucelin Furet At Ruffagga



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