11th February 2017
JUDGE - Jeanette Gerraghty



Rattustrap Charlie Brown

Mrs D Church

Simjest Back To Black By Dobermatian

Mrs V Saville




all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)



I wish to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge and providing me with a warm welcome at their well run show. Thank you also to the exhibitors for entrusting me to judge their well turned out dogs.

 Junior 2 (1)

1. Saville’s Simjest Back to Black by Dobermation. 8 month old bitch well up to size but in proportion. Nice                     head with a dark almond eye and well set ears. Elegant neck leading to forequarters with straight legs under her. Hindquarters in order with a good bend of stifle. Dark markings with a smooth coat and moved well round the ring. BP, RBOB


Postgraduate 4 (2)

1. Walker’s Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin. Compact bitch true to breed size. Lovely button ears carried correctly on a pretty feminine head. Nice topline with slight rise over loin leading to well set tail. Moved steadily.

2. Boot’s Ttombowor Princess Phoebe.  Shapely head but would have preferred more underjaw. Good straight front, moved and showed ok.

Open 3 (2)

1. Church’s Rattustrap Charlie Brown. Smart boy with a good head and alert expression. Elegant arched neck leading to a good body with required tuck up and topline. Nicely bent stifle, straight hocks and moved with purpose. Well marked completing the picture with a glossy coat. BOB


Jeanette Geraghty (Mojero)


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