27th November 2021

Judge - Lucy Gellatly


Jenkir Kallisto


Wilson & Harper’s
Olympusbulys Athena

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)
Bull terrier miniature.
P (1) Wilson & harper’s olympusbulys Athena ,dark tri colour Bitch 8 mths up to size ,good dark obliquely placed correct eye, nice dentition, used her ears well , could of been a touch more feminine though out and a little less weight would help the movement bp.

PG (2)Vysotski & Malchanava’s shacals seven wonder at topabully tri coloured dog 3 years old , good eye and head shape used ears well ,would like more body,moved out well with power and drive his confidence won him the class and rbob . 2 Harrison’s Jenkir Hera Bitch 2 yr tri colour of quality, full of breed type ,would of won class but I couldn’t assess movement as the noise and environment upset her , a victim of lockdown ,more ring training needed I hope to see her more settled for a promising future .

O (4,3)Harrison’s jenkir kallisto 5 yr tri of correct size and breed type , feminine head dark eye good ear placement moved well coming towards, Bob. 2 Vysotski & Malchanava ‘s shacals sugared almond white bitch 6 yrs up to size good dark eye , moves with drive , would prefer lower tail carriage. 3 Wilson’s duvessa sheer khan.

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