15th February 2020
JUDGE  -   Leanne Marshallsay


Chattanooba Choo Choo Aedestaurum

Mr & Mrs Harper



Bullytherre Celeste

Mr & Mrs Battel


West Midlands Terrier
15th February 2020
Mrs Leanne Marshallsay
Thank you to the committee and exhibitors who were so welcoming, it is a really friendly show with a super atmosphere.

Miniature Bull Terrier
1st Battel’s Bulltherre Celeste, what a cheeky madam, so sweet, nicely developing head, ears well placed ears with dark small eye. Good length in neck, into well placed shoulders and developing fore chest, straight front and neat feet. Ample rib with sufficient depth, okay bend of stifle and hind quarters coming along nicely. Moved well holding her topline. Best Puppy
2nd Harrison’s Jenkir Hera, what a shame the lovely girl would not move on the day, she is a quality bitch with a super head with plenty of fill and the darkess of eye. Very balanced, compact and has a good overall appearance.
1st Harper’s Aedestaurum Fancy Dress At Olympusbulys, Lovely alert bitch, nice head with correct ears placement and dark eye giving a lovely expression. Good length and strength in her neck, leading to good shoulder placement, ample fore chest, straight front and nice neat feet. Deep chest and sufficient rib, correct topline and tail set which was held on the move. Excellent movement and in good condition. Reserve Best of Breed.
Post graduate
1st Wilson’s Duvessa Sheer Khan, aka Ted, My critique says “Ted, we all love Ted”, he is a character. He is a masculine dog with power and strength. He has a lovely head, beautiful dark eye and is always on his toes. I would prefer a little more of him. He has a good fore chest and depth in rib and is short in the back. Moves with drive and has a good tail set.
1st Harper’s Chattanooba Choo Choo, beautifully balanced dog who has a ring presence which is hard to ignore but why would you want to, he has a masculine profile which has plenty of fill, a lovely dark eye and super ears which he uses well. Good length in neck which is strong and leads into excellently placed shoulders and a correct straight front and neat feet. Well-developed fore chest, good spring of rib and short back. Strength and balanced throughout in hard fit condition, moved with drive and purpose holding a good topline and tail set. Best of Breed
2nd Harrison’s Jenkir Kallisto, lovely feminine bitch who has a good head, dark eye and neat ears. Ok length in neck, straight front and neat feet, sufficient fore chest. Correct shoulder placement, ample rib and nice short back, good hindquarters. Would have preferred her to be slightly fitter. Moved well and handled well.
all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

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