30th November 2019

Judge Gill Thomas


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Kulawand Hot Spice
Owned by
Mrs Lane-Ridyard

Wildjacks McDonalds (imp Ita)
Mrs D Stuart

(B) A very neat 6 month old puppy lovely height to length ratio with good front, skull of moderate width with defined stop, not too long in muzzle which was strong with good bite, well shaped all round for such a youngster and she carried herself so well on the move BPOB 2nd .LANE & LANE-RIDYARD. KULAWAND MISTER CHUTNEY (D) A well built very masculine young dog strong expressive head, keen eye, ear set good and clean bite with nice large teeth, a lovely forechest, super topline good coat, and tail set on, I preferred the movement of first today.
J.1/0. 1st.STUART. KASZAVOLGYL-FURGE LUCKY (IMP HUN) (D) Mature for his age this young dog had a lovely flat wedge shaped skull with tidy ears and clean bite, good front, level topline, well let down at hock with a high tail which he used to advantage, nice movement especially at the front, RBOB
PG.2/1.1st.STUART. KATILLEY BACK TO BASICS (B) This bitch had a typical head and expression, nice ratio of length to height, good flow from neck through withers to tail, easily spanned and good behind, moved a little close.
O.1/0.1st. LANE-RIDYARD. KULAWAND HOT SPICE (B) Now this bitch I can see happily both working and in the ring, with a lovely height body ratio, balanced throughout with a keen yet feminine expression, flat skull, correct head shape, slight stop, strong muzzle super bite, easily spanned but with sufficient spring and length of rib, nicely built rear end with good second thigh, neat feet, and very expressive tail. moved well. BOB


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