15th February 2020
JUDGE  -  
Jen Bowden


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Frangipaw the Limelight

Owned by
Ms & Miss Rosell

Mindlen Deoiridh To Cedarhill

Owned by
Mrs C Dean

West Midlands Terrier Society
Open Show 15th February 2020
Jack Russell Terrier
Thank you to the hard working committee for the invite to judge Jack Russell Terriers at their prestigious show. Special thanks to my able stewards Graham Dowdy and Jo Dowdy and to the exhibitors for their entry.
Puppy (Dog/Bitch) (1)
1st. Dean’s Mindlen Deoiridh to Cedarhill
T/W 8 month old bitch, full of fun and enjoyed her day out. Head of correct proportions, well defined stop with scissor bite, almond shaped eyes, well defined stop, well laid back shoulders, level back. straight front action in front and rear on the move. Gleaming white jacket, in good coat.
Best Puppy in Breed was pleased to hear she went Puppy Group 3)
Junior (Dog/Bitch) (2)(2)
1st. Rosell’s Frangipaw The Limelight
Top Quality T/W 17 month old dog, Excellent head and alert expression, almond shaped dark eyes, well defined stop, correct ear set, scissor bite, strong clean neck, well laid back shoulders, high set tail, arched round feet, level back, muscular hindquarters with low set hocks. Straight front, good rear driving action. In excellent coat, put down to perfection. Was pleased to award him BOB
2nd. Lane and Lane-Ridyards Kulawand Mister Chutney
12 month old T/W dog, outgoing, good head mouth and eye, larger type than 1. Straight back, moved ok. In good coat.
Post Graduate (2) (2)
1st. Thornley’s Locheil Stop Right There
Tri/W dog, up to size, Good head, eye and ear set with scissor bite, well laid back shoulder, round arched feet, level back, well muscled quarters, moved well, in good coat.
2nd. Hooley’s Jackobean La Nouvelle Eve
B/W bitch, full of character and enjoying her day, head good with dark eye and correct ear set, level back, in firm condition, moved with purpose, smooth/broken type with harsh coat.
Open Dog/Bitch (2)(2)
1st. Lane-Ridyard’s Kulawand Hot Chilli Pepper
T/W feminine bitch, excellent head proportions, well defined stop, dark almond shaped eyes, scissor bite, correct ear set, level back, straight front and good rear driving action, excellent harsh coat, showed and handled well. RBOB
2nd. Smiths Locheil Talk of the Town
T/W dog, overall larger type to 1. Good head and ear set, scissor bite, level back, well muscled hindquarters. Moved ok. In good coat.
Jen Bowden


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