10th February 2018
JUDGE  -   Sharon Ames(Sharnor)


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Pantycelyn He's a Leader Among Silkdance

Owned by
Ms C Price



Jack Russell Terrier

Class 57 Puppy

1st 105 Price’s Pantycelyn Hes a Leader Among Silkdance. 11 Month old dog pup. White and tan broken coat. Keen expression. Length of muzzle a bit too long. Almond shaped eyes. Good dark pigment. Ears ok. Strong jaw with scissor bite. Long in body. A bit overweight. Moved well. BOB

2nd 107 Smith’s Locheil Talk Of The Town. 8 Month old dog pup. Tan and white rough coat. A bit more balanced than 1st. Nice size head. Good pigment. Nice neck and shoulders. Was very shy and did not enjoy his day out.

Class 58 Junior

1st 105 Price’s Pantycelyn Hes a Leader Among Silkdance

2nd 108 Woodall’s Jacktown Snow Queen. Tan and white rough coated bitch. Of correct size. Sweet expression. Small ears. Strong neck on good shoulders ok. Needs to lose a bit of weight.


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