27th November 2021
JUDGE - Lucy Gellatly
(replacement for Vanessa Cox, due to extreme weather conditions)




Ch Holbam Celtic summer


Dearg Morris
all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing) 

P (2) Lovelace’s Dearg Morris raw dog pup of 6 months full of spirt and attitude enjoyed his outing ,clean head,neat ear fair length of neck , correct coat and nice texture , a bit loose on movement but just a baby yet to mature .
2 Davisons saredon miss Davison, 11 month old Bitch stronger made then first ,moved well coming and going , just prefers the head of dog ,could swap places on another day .

J (1)Gomers kerrykeel cara Bitch 13 mths excelled in body nice deep chest ,flat ribbed, good clean head correct bite would of liked neater ear ,moved well when settled .

O (4,2)Atkins’s ch Holbam Celtic summer, classy dog not over over done ,typical breed head ,dark eye ,nice length of neck running into deep chest , powerful thighs giving drive and true straight movement Bob
2 Lee’s ivy blue crinkles 2 yr old Bitch of good type nice length of head , correct bite deep chest moved freely around the ring rbob


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