30th November 2019
JUDGE - Deb Ryan



Holbam Celtic Wizzard JW

Mrs SM Bamsey

Star  Du Neufmoulin For Montelle (imp Bel)
Mrs AJ Cooke

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing) 
Irish Terrier

Thank you to West Midland Terrier for inviting me to judge at your show, I enjoyed my day. Thank you to everyone that entered I judged some lovely dogs.

Best of Breed Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Wizzard JW.

Reserve Best of Breed Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Summer shCM shCEx

Best Puppy Cooke’s Star Du Neufmoulin for montelle (IMP Bel)

Puppy Dog/Bitch

1 & BP Cooke’s Star Du Neufmoulin for montelle (IMP Bel) A young dog with a nice expression with ears set well on head. In good coat with good tail set and strong and muscular hind quarters. Showed well. 2 Lee’s Ivyblue Crinkles. An Active and Lively very young bitch, nice head with flat skull and rather narrow between ears, dark eye and in good coat. She is only just 6 months and a bit all over the place on the move but will forgive her because she is so being so young.

Junior Dog/Bitch

1 Bamsey’s Carliams Witching Hour. Very pretty racy bitch with nice head, good expression when she used her ears. Good moderately long body and in great coat. Moved Okay.

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch

1 & BOB Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Wizzard JW. Nice long head, nice dark eye, ears well set on head with great expression, good neck and shoulders. Always active and his lively personality is all Irish terrier. Good racy outline with good feet and tail set on pretty high, in good coat and moved well out and back, loved this dogs temperament. 2 Redman’s Holbam Celtic Little Minx Nice headed bitch with good

expression, good feet and in good coat and condition, fair length of neck, moved Okay.

Open Dog/Bitch

1& RBOB Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Summer shCM shCEx. In excellent condition and coat, flat skull, fair length of neck running into well laid back shoulders, strong and muscular hindquaters with tail set on pretty high she has an over all nice outline, her and my BOB I was splitting hairs as I liked them both 2 Ruffles Holbam Celtic Whisper at Ruffmar JW Sh CM Another pleasing bitch with great expression lovely dark eye and nice ear set moved well out and back.


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