10th February 2018
JUDGE - Darwin Martin



Ch Ben-Oskar Vom Obersten Holz at Kerrykeel
Mr K A Anderson

Kerrykeel Naoise
Mr K A Anderson

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing) 

Class 53, Puppy
1 st 95 Anderson's Kerrykeel Naoise Nice size of Bitch, well made with good head & expression, great neck & good shoulders, well made with solid bone legs, good feet, tail set perfect, moved well front & back, excellent presentation of super coat.
2 nd 103 Howarth & Looker's Kells Hot Tempest Well up in size, but also with great head and expression, a beautiful silhouette, strong mover back and front with a great tail set.

Class 55, Post Graduate
1 st 97 Atkin's Holbam Celtic Summer A little bit larger then I like for a bitch, but, with a beautiful coat and a better than average shape, She had a good head, neck & shoulders, good front, bone, legs & feet, good quarters & hind angulation, moved & showed well, a well presented good coat.
2 nd 100 Bamsey's Holbam Celtic Miss Chief Great Attitude. Will develop well. Excellent condition, great front, good head & ears, moved well

Class 56, Open
1 st 96 Anderson's Ch Ben-Oskar Vom Obersten Holz at Kerrykeel Best of Breed This dog was in excellent condition all over, easily exhibiting all his virtues, very well made, good masculine head and expression, strong jaw and large teeth, correct front assembly, all the angles where I expected them, strong loin, moved soundly, covered the ground easily excellent easy movement. Excellent coat presented well.
2 nd 98 Atwell's Xanwil Sorceress Reserve Best in Breed A VERY Attractive well made bitch, balanced head, good expression, correct neck and depth to brisket, enough rise to firm a firm loin which was neither long or short, balanced angulation front and rear, Moved soundly. This Bitch had an exquisite Irish Coat in perfect condition and presented perfectly. This was a very close decision, another day and the 1st and 2nd would have been reversed.
3rd 101 Brookes's Turith The Lawyer At Zetamaz ShCM
4th 99 Bamsey's Holbam Celtic Warrior


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