11th February 2017
JUDGE - Joanna Moakes



Ch Montella Carvillius Gold JW
Mrs A J Cooke

 BEST PUPPY - also Res Best Puppy in Show
Turith The Lawyer At Zetamaz

Mr AJ & Mrs M Brookes

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing) 

Irish Terrier – J (4,2) Brookes’ Turith The Lawyer at Zetamaz – lovely young dog of good type, masculine head, straight front with good bone & feet, deep chest, harsh coat, correct tailset, moved and showed well BP, RBPIS 2 Wortley’s Jarabica Tiger Lily

PG (2,1) 1 Blowers Turith Designer Maid – young quality bitch 15months of age, lovely head, well placed ears, dark eye with lovely expression. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Correct topline and tailset. Moved well, just needs to gain confidence, should have a bright future RBOB

O (2,1) 1 Cooke’s Ch Montelle Carvillious Gold JW – confident happy masculine dog, well balanced, classic type of head with lovely expression, dark eye, well set ears, correct front, deep chest, lovely neck and shoulders with good body proportions, correct tailset, excellent coat texture, moved well both ways BOB



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