10th February 2018
JUDGE  -   Darwin Martin (Gaelgorm)


Jeonty Minnie Meme

Miss C Martel


Jeonty Letty Be Magic


Mrs C J Rogers

Class 49, Puppy
1 st 92 Martel's Jeonty Letty Be Magic Best Puppy in Breed I Liked this puppy, superb head and bite, her body is still developing but it is perfect for her age, hard to assess movement as she was skipping around the ring with a great attitude, needs time and training. She will certainly have a really nice coat, worth watching.

Class 50, Junior
1 st 94 Roger's Jeonty Jyn a New Hope A very pleasing shape and size nice head not as great an expression as I would have liked, but with good skull, correct angles front and rear and moved well. Not as nice a coat as 92 above.

Class 51 Post Graduate
1 st 93 Roger's Jeonty Minnie Meme Best in Breed Beautiful Build, a “fit for purpose” bitch. super movement with a great driving rear also sound in front. A good head with the expected expression, a well muscled working neck, good forechest and rear angles, clean on withers, correct topline. A quality bitch.

Class 52, Open
1 st 89 Alstead's Golden Spurs Reserve Best in Breed Beautifully put together with superb attitude. Correct head, good expression (though I would question ear carriage), super body shape and size, well laid shoulders, good neck and rise to firm loin, Sadly, didn’t move as soundly as I had expected.
2 nd 90 Alstead's Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage Attractive well made bitch, balanced head, good expression, Great Attitude, in excellent order and condition. Moved well.


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