30th November 2019
JUDGE - Penny Sands (Krakenexis)


Birselaw come dancing with macmoon JW ShCM ShCEx

Lamb and Saltmarsh





all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Cairn Terrier:
J 1 Pennidazzle Dream Of Dreams. A pretty brindle at 17 months with a good bite, well placed ears, good for shoulder and adequate bone. Although pinning in a little in the front coming but fine going away. Attentive to handler.

PG 1 Seveek With Corynthean Sharing Dreams. Red bitch, good for eyes, pigment, ear placement, harsh coat and muscular quarters. Res BOB.

O 1 Birslaw Come Dancing With Macmoon JW ShCM ShCEx. Lovely to go over this clean, grey brindle male. He has a super head and expression plus a coat that’s harsh enough even though he’s kept in a clean condition. Ok for shoulder, muscular quarters and neat feet. BOB. 2 Seveek Treasure The Dream. One I have judged before and the same remarks apply.

Penny Sands

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