30th November 2019

JUDGE- Mr John Todd


Totherend myrna loy
(Mr & Mrs Wright)


Res. Bob and Best opposite Sex

Wispbrook SpiderJack
(Kovacs & Whitley)


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge and congratulate them on an extremely well run show. Many thanks to my ring steward for keeping things moving. Also special thanks go to Linda who kept us well fed and ensured a friendly atmosphere. Thank you to the exhibitors for entering under me, all of the dogs placed were good for size and could be spanned.

Border Terrier Puppy Dog 4(2a)
1st Kovacs & Whitley WISPBROOK SPIDER JACK 9mths red dog well presented in muscled condition. Head proportions correct he has a strong muzzle and good size teeth. Good front and narrow throughout, well laid back rib and strong loin. Moved well both ways, harsh coat and thick pelt. Really liked this puppy BPD, BD, RBP, RBOB

2nd Parry OAKYARD OUTSPOKEN 10mths grizzle dog, another nice pup he has a strong head a good top line, moved out well with drive just preferred length of rib of 1st.

Border Terrier Junior Dog 0

Border Terrier Post Grad Dog 2(1a)
1st Stooke CYNETKOY GAME SET AND MATCH 2yrs grizzle Dog good head strong muzzle with big teeth, good shoulders, moved ok a little short of coat today feet could have been tidier.

Border Terrier Open Dog 2(0a)
1st Khatchikian Multi CH JRASAMUYR CODEX 3yrs grizzle dog head ok but narrow in muzzle, thick pelt but short of top coat, short rib but not sprung, moved ok.

2nd Khatchikian Multi Ch JRASMUYR CAMPBELL BLACK 2yrs blue/tan dog very similar type to 1st, head ok , shoulders well laid back, straight front, Close decision but 1st moved better.

Border Terrier Puppy Bitch 4(2a)
1st Wright's TOTHEREND MYRNA LOY 11mths grizzle bitch. Caught my eye as she moved round the ring. Moved well front and rear with drive, excellent shoulder placement, narrow throughout, straight front. Lovely length of rib with strong loin. Good top line and tail set. Strong well balanced head with strong jaw and large teeth. Quality coat harsh with thick pelt. Pleased to award her BB, BPB, BOB, BPIB

2nd Wright's BORDERXPRESS ECHO BEACH 11mths nice head not as strong as 1st, she has a dark eye and pleasing expression. Presented in good harsh coat and thick pelt. Moved ok better behind than in front.

Border Terrier Junior Bitch
1st Stockley's FOXFACTOR FIRE CRACKER 16mths grizzle bitch with a really nice balanced head with strong muzzle and large teeth. Straight front and well laid back shoulders, good top line. Moved well with drive but short on top coat today.

2nd Nightingale's FOXFACTOR FOXTROT 12mths grizzle bitch with strong well proportioned head with good ear set. Good top line preferred movement of 1st.

Border Terrier Post Grad Bitch 2(1a)

Border Terrier Open Bitch 8(4a)
1st Wright's TOTHEREND BLUE JEAN TOPSY 3yrs blue/tan bitch presented in fit condition. Good head and ear set, coat in prime condition with thick pelt and harsh top coat. Lovely shoulders and top line, well laid back ribs and strong loin, moved ok.

2nd Stockley's ORANGECASTLE ZAURAK AT FOXFACTOR 7yrs grizzle bitch who belies her age. Strong well balanced head with strong jaw and big teeth. Excellent top line and shoulders, moved well both ways. Harsh coat and thick pelt. Very close decision proffered rib of 1st.

Judge John Todd (Roxess)



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