24th November 2018

JUDGE- Tracy Peacock (Ragatam)




Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood.(Mr and Mrs Hollingsbee)



Alcumlow Bloom (Mr N, Mrs B and Miss R Barber).

Also 4th Best Puppy In Show 

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

I would like  to thank the club and committee for inviting me to judge, and for the wonderful   hospitality.


1ST Skyeisla Teton. (K.Hough).  10 month G/Tan nice put together puppy dog, good mouth keen expression, good otter head with little stop, thick double jacket, although he could do with his feet tidying up.  Moved Well. (BPD)

JUNIOR DOG (3,1 abs)
1st Borderstream Zodiak (Mr and Mrs DJ Ward).  Good for size, good head and ears, narrow front and chest. Spanned easily. Moved well coming and going around the ring.

2nd Kenstaff Taff (Mr Grice and Miss Dodd).  B/Tan strong head and underjaw, big teeth,well muscled, a little  heavy on the shoulder, short of coat, difficult to span, moved ok.

1st Borderstream Zodiak (Mr and Mrs DJ Ward).  AS ABOVE

OPEN DOG (4, 1 abs)
1st Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood.(Mr and Mrs Hollingsbee). Good head with neat ears, dark eye, lovely neck and shoulders, narrow front, spanable ribs, strong hindquarters. Moved well.  BD and BOB.

2nd Glebeheath Smash’N’Grab At Jordith (Mrs l, Mr A Jordan-Smith).  Different type to the winner, shorter in the leg and back, good head and V shaped ears, thick pelt and  coat, just preferred the size of the first. Moved OK.

3rd Kensteen Taff (Mr R Grice, Miss D Dodd)

1ST Alcumlow Bloom (Mr N, Mrs B and Miss R Barber).  6 month B/Tan. Beautifully balanced bitch with a good feminine head, dark eye, span easy, good length of rib, harsh double coat, lovely body lines.  Narrow front, moved out well on neat feet.  Front needs to tighten up but will come as she matures.  One will watch with interest.  BB, RBOB,BP, 4th for BPIS

2nd Ravenside Marsha At Jordeth (Mrs LM, Mr AM Jordan-Smith).  G/Tan excels in body lines and pleasing reach of neck. She has plenty of virtues.  Unlucky to meet one in such top form today.

3rd Smurfski Seismic Bliss (Mr JCB Yore)

JUNIOR BITCH (3, 1 abs)
1st Otterwood Diodem (Mr and Mrs J Hollingsbee) 4th in puppy class. Plenty of breed type. Lovely head in correct proportions.  Easily spannable, good length of body,coat not at her best today.

2nd Alcumlow Portobello Road (Mr N, Mrs B and Miss R Barber)  Another little sweetie from this kennel.  Excellent jacket, narrowing thoughout, lovely otter head or correct proportions,  Just needs time to settle in front, moved OK.

1st Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer at Bluebable (Mr KP Yeates)  Blue/Tan Appealed for her size,  attractive head/expression, strong jaw with big teeth.  She has good bone not overdone.  Coat ok, Moved well.

2nd Borderexpress Miss Parsley (Mr R Wright) Slightly longer cast, type, good head, coat and pelt. Good tail set, moved OK.

OPEN BITCH (1, 1abs)

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