11th February 2017

JUDGE- Tina Jones




Fisherbloom Diaboli At Otterwood

Owned by 

Mr & Mrs M Hollingsbee





Owned by 

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Border Terriers

Many thanks to the society for the invitation to step in as replacement judge at this well run and friendly show. Special thanks to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions on the day with such sporting grace. Unfortunately the show did clash with a local Breed club open show, but it was still a pleasing entry with only a few absentees.  I was pleased to find overall some nice pleasing heads and the majority of exhibits in double coats, although for an earth dog some I felt could benefit with more undercoat.   I am always mindful to judge fit for function, and found some exhibits  too deep in chest, making spanning somewhat difficult.

Puppy Dog (1) 1, Armstrong’s Lynsett Lewis, stood alone but a very worthy winner. Blue and Tan with a nice harsh jacket with plenty of ticking, ample pelt. Nicely developed head which was correctly moderate and in total proportion, nice amount of fill under the eye, dark keen eye, powerful strong jaw. Excellent shoulder placement and return of upper arm, narrow and balanced throughout, easily spanned, nicely angulated, he moved out well, and pleasing to see that he was unfazed by any noise from outside the ring, concentrating on the job in hand.

Junior Dog (2, 1a) 1, Read’s Roxambor Space Invader, Blue and tan evidence of ticking, who has ample pelt, another with a strong jaw and large teeth,a little on the leg, he has excellent rear angulation, which he used to his advantage.

Post Grad Dog (4, 2 a) 1, Kelly’s Brumberhill Breitling, exciting to go over, very typical in head, moderate, not exaggerated in any way. A very balanced dog from whatever angle you look at it him from and not overdone in any way, narrow front, nice length of upper arm into excellent shoulders, ribs carried well back to good strong loin and correct length of back, correct in rib, hence easy to span. Very pleasing jacket, lovely and tweedy ample amount of undercoat, complimented with a thick pelt. I do feel he will continue to flourish as he continues to mature, but what I found today, was enough to award him Best Dog. 2 Read’s Roxambor Magical Timepiece ShCM, strong headed dog with a keen expression, shown in hard fit condition, good length of body, strong muscular hindquarters that he used to move out well. Just preferred the coat of 1.


Open Dog (3, 1a) 1, Speake’s  Cedarhill Stargazer JW shCM, presents a pleasing profile, masculine dog that excels in head, strong in jaw, appealed for size, pleasing in topline and underline and in front angulation, decent loin giving way to strong hindquarters, sporting a new jacket, enough evidence of top coat coming through, which was of good texture. Nice tight feet, complimented with thick pads. 2, Read’s Chintaku Boris at Roxambor. Grizzle dog, nice typey head, powerful jaw with correct bite and impressive large teeth, narrow in front, nice level toplline which he held throughout on the move, just preferred overall size of 1.


Puppy Bitch (2) 1, Hollinsbee’s Fisherbloom Diaboli at Otterwood, mature looking blue and tan, for me she presented a balanced and a picture of a femininity, everything balanced and not overdone. She has the correct amount of bone, having the required narrowness throughout whilst not losing any substance. It is hard to look past her head, which is strong, yet feminine, with the most melting dark eyes giving such keen expression, she has a lovely reach of neck into nice clean shoulder, excellent length of body, sound movement, and in excellent coat she didn’t put a foot wrong.  BP & BOB. 2, Nightingale’s Knowbury Cantell Me Off, not quite the maturity of 1, decent tweedy jacket on this one, with plenty of undercoat to compliment this, alert expression, her head is maturing on the right lines. Quite exuberant on the move at times.

Junior Bitch (1) Read’s Roxambor Triple Step, typical head which is feminine, nice ear placement, lovely racy outline on this one, this is one you need to get your hands on, to really appreciate her good qualities and construction, her ribs are well laid back, easy to span, good muscular hindquarters with hocks well let down, she presents as a sound and honest border, more than capable of doing a day’s work and more. Lovely and narrow in front. She did make her handler work hard, but when settled she is very sound on the move. She was just a little too excitable in the challenge, which was a shame as I liked her alot.

Post Graduate Bitch (1) 1,Read’s Badgerbeck Cha Cha Cha at Roxambor, stood alone but a worthy winner, she very much appeals for size, pleasing in head, which is feminine and typical and correctly proportioned,  level topline which she maintains on the move, strong in loin and finished off with a short carroty tail, muscular hindquarters which she uses to her full advantage on the move, nice tight feet, which are thickly padded. Shown in fit and hard condition, quite easy to span.

Open Bitch (2) 1, Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Domina Candesco JW, presents a balanced picture, perfectly proportioned head with femininity, ears well placed, correct in forehand with well placed shoulders and good a good return of upper arm. She moved out well keeping her correct topline at all times. 2, Read’s Atansova Lady Sofiya at Roxambor shCM, pleasing in head and expression, nice length of ribs, narrow in front, good in topline and tailset, moved out soundly.

Tina Jones

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