27th November 2021

JUDGE  - Lucy Gellatly



Offer’s Ch Woolytop the Wherryman




Mightymidgets New Variant
all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

Bedlington terrier
Puppy (4 , 1ab).
1st Bannister’s mightymidgets new variant,9 mth Bitch very dark blue coat yet to clear ,correct feminine head, well off for bone, good tuck up,moved soundly coming and going with correct tail carriage , beaten by her litter brother in the puppy challenge, he was a bit more mature.
2 Martin impey’s silverkinn wittlesbach Gem ,7 mt Bitch with a lovely dark triangular eye, very feminine,good dentition nice tuck up , better trimming would complete the picture . 3 Lacey’s Bowlingbrook tumbleyweed

Junior (4,2) 1,Porter manning & Porter’s Woolytop secret wispa among wallaroo 16 mth blue Bitch good eye giving nice feminine expression ,excelled in movement with a light easy gait, correct arch of loin , presented with correct coat and handled well.
2 Jones Toolbox yes why not at squidlyannes , nice young Bitch ,not showing her best today in a very noisy environment , handled well on table and showed flashes of correct movement when settled .

PG (5)Baldwins & roselea ‘s woolytop leading lady and she was ! liked this 2 yr Bitch ultra feminine correct wedge shaped head, a nice size with long clean neck correct tuck up , correct rise over loin , a natural showgirl which showed on the move as she moved effortlessly with style & grace Rbob,2 Jone’s Miteymidgets little hottie at squdlyannes another nice Bitch well off for substance ,good eye and correct, soft , length of ear, moved soundly around the ring ,good coat texture beating a few nice dogs in this strong post grad class 3 ,bannisters miteymidgets new vision ,dark grey dog giving away to more mature dogs in this class moved typically of the breed best puppy .

O (8,6) Spoiled for choice in this class full of quality dogs that could win this class if hadn’t come up against 1 Offer’s Ch Woolytop the wherryman ,blue stunning dog all male,full of strength and power combined with grace , excellent mover, correct tail set, dark pigmentation deepest set of eye , coat of correct texture and presented well, Bob. And short listed in group 2 Middlebrook’s ch tcheria tcharleston another quality exhibit a size smaller not over exaggerated a good honest dog that moved a dream , presented in correct jacket just preferred the strength of neck on 1 , 3 Baldwins Woolytop the pipers son .

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