15th February 2020
JUDGE  -   Leanne Marshallsay



Mightymidgets Tiewie

Owned by

  Mrs Y Bannister



West Midlands Terrier
15th February 2020
Mrs Leanne Marshallsay
Thank you to the committee and exhibitors who were so welcoming, it is a really friendly show with a super atmosphere.
Bedlington Terriers
1st Jones Miteymidgets Little Hottie, lovely bitch she has a sweet expression good narrow shaped head, nice dark eye and good mouth with well-set ears. Good length of neck into correctly placed shoulders, flat ribbed with chest developing nicely. Good front and well arched topline, good tuck up, well set tail and moved very well. Reserve Best of Breed
2nd Sharnor Lady Lobelia At Ystwythbay, another nice baby, nicely shaped head with dark eye and neat ears and good mouth. Body developing well, with a good topline. Movement not quite as settled as 1.
1st Jones Miteymidgets Little Hottie, see puppy
2nd Smith & Print’s Tcheria Anton Tchekhov, more mature dog than however I preferred the overall structure of the puppy. Good head, dark eye and good mouth. Nice length of neck into ok shoulders, good tuck up and flat rib. Well-muscled and moved well.
Post Graduate
1st Jones Miteymidgets Little Hottie, see puppy
1st Bannister’s Miteymidgets Tiewie, what a difficult class however this baby is quite special, beautiful shaped narrow head which is strong deep, good mouth with big teeth, lovely dark eye with give her a super gentle expression, with well-set ears. Good reach of neck into a flat sloping shoulders and the best of fronts. Nice flat rib, correct topline and tuck up leading into a well developing hindquarters, correct tail set, good strength in hock which allowed her to move like a dream around the ring. Best Puppy and Best of Breed.
2nd Middlebrook’s Tcheria Tcharleston, what a handsome dog his gent is, today however he was not inclined to move particularly well. Masculine but not course in any fashion, strong narrow head, with a great bite and a lovely dark eye and neat ears. Good length of neck into a good front and well placed shoulders, nice flat rib and ample tuck up and correct topline. Ample muscle and in fit condition.
all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

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