10th February 2018
JUDGE  -   Stephen Kennedy (Tippanagh)



Bowlingbrook Trick or Treat


Miss J W Lacey



Bowlingbrook Makingwhoopi


Miss J W Lacey


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)
Class 9, Puppy
1 st 20 Lacey's Bowlingbrook Makingwhoopi Best Puppy in Breed This was this puppy’s first show and she was a little nervous. A nice feminine bitch with a narrow skull particularly particularly strong foreface. Great pigment with very dark eyes and nice black nose. Good thin ears hanging flat to cheek. A beautiful rear end which will only improve with age. I felt the elbows were a little petruding, I trust these will tighten. Good topline good on the move. Very well presented.

Class 10, Junior Dog / Bitch
1 st 26 Pedersen's Janmark Jingle Jangle Reserve Best in Breed A very nice feminine head with small dark eyes. Proper ears hanging flat to her check. Good Scissor bite. Long neck good shoulders carrying her head high. Excellent pigmentation. Coat in excellent condition and expertly presented. Particularly nice tail set from a nice rear end, the rise where it should be above the loin.. I felt that she could benefit from some more experience as she wasn’t totally comfortable in the ring though she was a strong contender for BOB.
2 nd 12 Baldwin's Woolytop Lavender Girl Not just as femine as 1st, but still a beautiful bitch. A super head the mouth having a good scissor bite. Good neck, good shoulders. Her front legs well tucked well under Good length of back. Excellent on the move, though I felt she had one leg weaker than the other. I also felt the coat need a little more work or maturity.

Class 11, Post Graduate Dog / Bitch
1 st 23 Martin & Strutt's Poppyblu Sirius Strong masculine head and jaw without being course. Excellent bite and teeth. Excellent pigmentation. Deep chest and generally well muscled. Fine front and stance. Excellent length of back with a perfect rise. Nice shoulders. Moved well keeping his topline. Needs more work on his presentation
2 nd 15 Bannister's Miteymidgets English Dream Exceptional presentation. Nice head. Small dark eyes. Moderate sized ears hanging flat to her check. Good Scissor bite. Long neck from good shoulders carrying her head high. Excellent pigment and coat in excellent condition. Her movement was not displayed well, I felt her front movement was not as I would like it.

Class 12. Open Dog / Bitch
1 st 21 Lacey's Bowlingbrook Trick or Treat Best in Breed An exceptional head with thick nearly white silky topknot, dark eye and super expression. Good thin and well placed ears. Long neck. Deep chest with flat ribs. Good position of arch over the loin. A balanced girl who moved with purpose.
2 nd 12 Baldwin's Wollytop Theodore Strong masculine head with proper teeth head and jaw. Good size teeth. In excellent coat and nice pigmentation. A good deep chest. Front a little parallel for me. Excellent length of back. Fabulous shoulders. Rear movement was exceptional.

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