12th February 2022
JUDGE  -   Peter Bakewell



Ch Komidion Knight Music At Sametova ShCM ShCex VW

Owned by
Mr and Mrs Burrage

A.V. Terrier.

Puppy (8-3a)

1. Chester, Miteymidget New Direction, Bedlington, nicely made bitch, pleasing in outline, dark eye, nicely made quarters fore and aft, nice body. Moved well,

2. Lui, Eblanahalls Gold Limerence, SCW, nicely made with good head, nice neck, shoulders, ok in body, compact, nice hindquarters. Moved well.

3. Harris, Rockslade Ravishing, Border

Junior (11-8a)

1. Lui, Eblanahalls Gold Limerence, SCW.

2. Stockley, Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky, Border, soundly made, good outline, good head, and ears, keen expression, good forequarters, spannable ribs, strong loin, nice hindquarter, good pelt. Moved well

3. Case, Slanefinn No Irish Need Apply, Irish.

Open (8)

1. William, Fisherbloom Dont Stop Me Now At Lounajak, Border, good head, dark eye with keen expression, nicely made quarters, straight front, spannable ribs, strong loin, good pelt, moved well.

2. Bamsey, Holbam Celtic Wizzard JW, Irish, full of life, good outline and overall balance, nice head, long and flat skull, strong jaw good bite, good ears, nice neck, good shoulders and forequarters, deep chest well-made body, muscular loin, strong hindquarters, moved well.

3. Burrage, Kimidion Prima Dona of Sametova. Cesky.


Puppy (6-4a)

1. Lui, Eblanahalls Gold Limerence, SCW.

2. Hannington, Mo Stor Ailin Of Tatler Jack Clan At Boudivella (imp Nld), Glen, very typical, a shade fine in head at present, nice quarters, ok in body, moved well.

Junior (1)

1. Rolland, Dandieroyal Day Dreamer, Dandie, well balanced, good type, nice head and eye, nice neck and shoulders, good body, nice hindquarters, low set hocks, moved well.

Post Graduate (3) Absent


Open (10-7a)

1. Milton & King, Barton Dandies Charles Darney (imp Esp), Dandie, a soundly made dog, of good type, size and pleasing in outline, good head strongly made and correctly proportioned, strong muzzle, good bite, good silky topknot, muscular neck, well placed shoulders, good quarters fore and aft, good tail and carriage. Moved well.

2. Plant, Plantocracy Bold Bruce, Manchester, well balanced, with good outline, good head and ears, dark expressive eye, nice neck and shoulders, straight front, nicely made body, muscular hindquarter, moved well.

3. Hannington, Ch. Boudivella Osca, Glen.


Open No Entries


Open (11-3a)

A lovely class of quality veterans

1. Burrage, Ch. Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCEx Vw, Cesky, a soundly made, well balanced bitch and well presented, good type, head and expression, good neck, shoulders and forequarters, good bone, ribs and body, good hindquarters moved well. Best Veteran

2. Brookes, Ch. Zetamaz Gerard Depardieu JW ShCM Smooth Fox, a soundly made dog of good type, outline and overall balance, on tiptoe of alertness, good head, moderately narrow with flat skull, good ear, strong jaw, muscular neck, good shoulders and forequarters, deep chest, short back, level, strong loin, muscular hindquarter, hock well let down. Moved well

3. Butler, Ch. Yarbach Federer Final, Bedlington.


Judge: Peter E. Bakewell





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