10th February 2018
JUDGE  -   Darwin Martin (Gaelgorm)





Wendaire Kissed by and Angel

owned by
Ms W A Edington-Hall


Rokso Lana

owned by Mrs E Atterbury

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)
Class 1, Puppy & Class 2 Junior
1 st 1 Atterbury's Rokso Lana Best Puppy in Breed This puppy Airedale hasn’t had much experience in the Show Ring, never-the-less, she did well. A beautiful head on a beautiful neck hailing from a beautiful shoulder with a super top line. Well up to size for her age, ribs well sprung, and ample substance, short strong body lines, with strength in loins, as I expect from a young Airedale her movement was a bit gangly, this will come together, her tail set was fine but she carried it low, probably the newness of showing.

Class 4, Open
1 st 2 Eddington-Hall's Wendaire Kissed by and Angel Best of Breed & Best in Show I loved this beautifully balanced bitch, she showed both femininity and great strength. She had great length of skull and balance of foreface, good eye, strength in jaw, correct bite, clean neckline her depth of chest was superb. She had good well boned legs with good feet, well sprung ribs, she was short coupled into strong well-muscled hindquarters, and balanced to the tail which was carried perfectly. A quality bitch when viewed from any angle, fabulous movement and rear drive. Her coat was in pristine condition and presented perfectly.


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